Saturday, 24 November 2007


as it is stated above,
i love dougie! [insert cheering/clapping/bullhorns/fireworks/etc]

his handwriting is ugly though.
but wth right?

oh yeah.
just to remind you, his name is pronounced dougie.
as in douglas/doug dougie.

not doggie or dau-gie or any other names that SOME people
like mrs dickherber and mrs ronnie seem to think.

tsk disappointed guys.

oh yeaa...
p.s. dougie's birthday is coming up in a couple o' days.
heh. be ready!

1 comment:

Strait said...

hey Poynter!
"Its DOUgie.
not DOGgie."
nice post. funny!
but one comment...
there's no mention of MY hot dude
He should, no, MUST be mentioned!!!
post more stuff dude!
quick! go write your stuff.
go go go!