Sunday, 20 November 2011

well well well. LOOK. WHO'S. BACK?
*paints target on forehead and passes out rotten egg ammo to loyal Get Your Cheese On readers*

if i actually HAVE loyal readers. TeeHee. Anywho.
i apologize for leaving this blog in a comatose state. It's like a vicious cycle isn't it? Blog - months of absent-ism - sudden reappearance - apology (with cherry and whip cream toppings)

nevertheless, let's move on to more pressing matters at hand!   Updates on the Boys of course!!!

so I'm sure every Galaxy Defender (GD) knows what the two most important TV show that is showing on planet Earth right now is Strictly Come Dancing and I'm a Celebrity.. Get me out of here!

because Harry Judd is dancing his way to the top on Strictly and Dougie is going back to his roots and being a wild wolf boy in the Jungle!

i'll start off my long blogging hiatus with Mr Harry Judd. 

so everyone pretty much knew that he was gonna be on the show after he did amazing in Strictly for Children In Need last year. and as everyone predicted, Harry Judd from Mcfly is dominating the show yawwww. he's obviously such a competitive dude, so i'm guessing he tries really hard and practices a lot.

                                             with  his gorgeous dance guru/partner Aliona Vilani

the Samba
dancing the Waltz

well. the Argentinian Tango (week 7), has brought much gossipy gob for fellow viewers and fans or all ages.
the dance was awesome btw, and even the judge Craig who's usually quite strict loved it. but Len didn't though. 
anyway, it was kinda... you know...sexual. or in the words of Miranda sex-SHUAL.  
the Argentinian Tango

                                                                    this picture does not help me prove a point

but basically, apparently Izzy (Harry's long time girlfriend, you know the violinist from Escala?) got a tad bit jealous. well, if i was his girlfriend i see him with her everyweek i'd be a tad bit jealous as well. but, it's ok Izzy! all GD's support ya, hang on a bit more and when he wins SCD you'd be really proud, and he's SO gonna propose to you anyway *wink wink* 


                                                              Izzy (second from left)

here's a Daily Mail article about Harry, Izzy and Strictly. click click click!! HERE. 

so right now, after the Wembley special, Harry & Aliona are at third place. so fellow GD's who are living in the UK, please please please vote for Harry & Aliona. come GD's let's get Harry to WIN STRICTLY COME DANCING!!! 

and so i will leave this post with a picture 

toodles readers! i shall update on I'm a Celebrity next. so stay tuned would ya?!!

your humble Jedi-Master (BOOYA),

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


i hope you realized that i said mighty mcfly chapS and not mighty mcfly CHAP.
teehee. won't want you thinking that i would be blogging about the legendary Marty Mcfly now would we?

not that there is anything wrong with blogging about Marty Mcfly. coz he's pretty fly for a white guy ;)
and there probably wouldn't be a McFly without a Marty Mcfly,
and there probably wouldn't be a Marty Mcfly without a Back to the Future,
and there probably wouldn't be a Back to the Future without the Back to the Future writer.
so whoever/wherever you are, mr writer, sir, I FREAKING LOVE YOU!

*starts to sing*
youuuuuuuuuuuuuu..... light up my life,,, you gave me carry onnnnnnnnn.
you light up my dayyyyy and fill my nightttttttttttttttttttttts withhhhhhhhh.....

wait, what was i talking about again?


so i've been scouring all over the net to post up something about mah fly boyz. i google imaged for new McFly photos. photos of 2010.
hahah. don't judge me for using google image! i know you people (people who come to my blog and ends up on traffic feed) actually come to my blog via google image as well!
*points finger accusingly*

hahah. please feel free to grab the photos anytime! i'm here to spread mcfly love <3

so basically i found some interesting magazine scans of the boys.
i'll start with Mr Harry Judd.

*press photo to enlarge, you'll need to coz the important part are the words :) *

so what i actually deduced from that is that Harry Judd is single. hahahaha.
How? Why? Do i think i'm psychic?
well. it's just a hunch *shrugs* here's an interesting photo i found while trying to google and check if harry is seeing anyone.

it looks like Harry is trying to grab LiLo's boob and Dougie is just silently encouraging.

ok. next up is Dougie's!

"At the moment i'm in my first real relationship. I hope it's the last"
haha. it might not be the best string of words. but still. he's trying to say that he's happy with frankie sandford and hopes that their relationship is forever right?

eventhough you are the first male celeb that i have the hugest i-want-to-make-babies-with-you crush on! i'm honestly happy that you're happy. and i hope only the best for the both of you :)

and now to Mr Tom Fletcher!

now Tom+ Giovanna.
"My girlfriend is the one. I'm going to be with her forever."
my goodness! ask her to marry you already!
tom and giovanna are pretty much super adorable. and tom is just obviously so sweet.
i bet all mcfly fans out there are just waiting for a tweet or tumblr or anything from tom saying that he's getting married.
they're just meant to be! and i hope they last forever too <3

and now i should go to Danny Jones. but sadly, i couldn't find his one! *GASP*
so to compensate for my lacking google image skills.
i'll put up a photo of him!

hm,. loving his new tatt. he loves totally older now right?
ok2. since this post is sort of about mcfly boys in relationships. don't worry.
have i ever let my readers down?

there you go :)
a photo of danny and his girlfriend Georgia Horsley.
i took the time to google her. hehe. She's Miss England 2007! She is gorgeous.
and look at the photo! they look so adorable! ador! adorbs! ;)
ooh. and go ahead and google her. haha. she's brilliant as well! beauty and brains eh danny boy?

right well. that's it for my post today.
i hope you guys enjoyed the photos as mush as i did.
and if you, yes you! know if harry IS dating and who the lucky lady is, leave me a shout in the comment yea?

adios amigos!

p.s. go and get McFly's new album Above The Noise in record stores near you.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

ok so i've started uni and all. hahaha.
my exam is around the corner. in less than a month. and i study all day in my e-lab.

now readers will go, Hey, why do you study in a computer lab?!

ok. you got me. well at least i try to study. so usually this is how it goes, i'd snag the best spot in the lab, boot up the desktop, log in to tumblr, log in to twitter, open surfthechannel and load up 3 things, big bang theory, gossip girl and glee.
while they're all loading, then i'll bring out my notebook and notes.

yup. i'm totally awesome because i have the best self-control ever! i wish.

but anyway........
i'm not here to talk about studying! this blog is about fun times! the coolio gangsta paradise blog!
i have to stop getting off topic.

so. basically what i'm trying to say is that these few days, i've been watching Star Wars!!

hahahaha. mesa loves watching star wars while yousa reading booksas! lol.
and now i've only watched until half of Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

I've never realized how great this whole saga is. (probably because the last time i watched it was when i was younger and only watched the movie for cool light swords =.=')
it's so creatively written.
i mean, even the word Jedi is freaking cool. you know how normal peace-keepers a.k.a policemen would only have titles like constable or detective and
even doctors would only have Dr..

but for jedis! imagine, Jedi Master Sarah! damn! that's a title that my inner nerd self would love to have.

so let's just mention a few characters. firstly, of course Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi and Jedi Master Qui-Gon.
i find that qui-gon is a totally kick ass name. sad that he died in the first movie.
i didn't bother to get photos of the two jedis. heh. lazy la.

then we have anakin skywalker. hahaha. he was such a cutie pie in the first movie!

"i'm a person and my name is ani"

awwwh. what i can't get over is that when he finally meets padme again in the second movie,
at their first encounter he gave her that smoldering look. lol.

and he keeps giving her that look throughout the movie! The Anakin Smolder.

sadly i didn't screen capture his face while watching. hahaha.

have you guy watched Tangled yet? the awesome disney movie?
this is flynn rider's smolder. hahaha. which totally made me laugh.

but then. anakin's smolder is like....and evil smolder! it's like a gatal face. but evil gatal face.
gosh. that sounded so wrong.
still, anakin even as a jedi he has that evil aura surrounding him.

and then there's Jar Jar Binks, a gungan! hahah. i hope i spelled that correctly. if i did, whoever the star wars boss is can punish me by forcing me to eat a petri dish full of midi-chlorians.

hahahahaha. then i'd be even more powerful then damn anakin! muahahahahaa.

anyway. Jar Jar Binks!

mesa loves the ways jar jar talks.

meesa thinkin da weesa should all speaks like missa binks! most people would quota master yoda. but meesa thinkin da speakins like missa binks is cool and will brings out da nerdiness in yousa!

and you just can't predict what you can find on the net. there is actually various translators that you can turn your speech into jar jar binks lingo with just a click of the mouse. totally random.

and i found some photos which is just hilarity in nature.


first off, lol. jason castro!

and there is also ronaldinho. hahah.

some people just have so much time to do all this.

ok. i'm done with my star wars post.

may the force be with you young padawans!
Sarah Douven-Kenobi (lol)
*boots up light saber and starts swiping it in the air at non-existant mosquitoes*

mesa is backs for yousa!

*in booming voice*

lol. i don't even know what that meant.
so now is the time where my non-existant loyal followers say, "Sarah! where have you been all these months? i've missed your awesome, witty-yet-lame, wonderful blog."

awww shucks kiddies! well, don't worry coz i'm back! FOR NOW.

so, await my next post younglings. an "awesome" post is cart-wheeling your way :)

see ya.
sarah douven.

Friday, 13 August 2010

charlie simpson

hello readers.
a small warning before you continue on to read this particular post of mine. it is as usual going to be a picture spam post.

who to spam, you ask? well this time round, ladies and gentleman, it will be a Charlie Simpson spam.
for those who do not know who this human being is, let me shed some knowledge unto you.
THIS is Charlie Simpson.

He was formerly in a UK based band called Busted.

i think they we're the first band that i have ever fancied. you know. i was the ultimate Busted fangirl. i knew all the members. i knew all their songs by heart.

i had both their albums. Casettes, mind you!!
besides playing Neopets online, i signed up as a Busted streetteam member.
that made me proud as hell *headdesk*

so when i was still a fan (i think i still am eventhough busted is Bust) i used to have this HUGE crush on charlie.
to me he was the epitome of hotness. lol. i still think he's hot now. *smiles sheepishly*
he's super tall.

he has this really really deep voice. which is a total killer in the songs.

he looked totally hot in the first Busted video i saw on MTV, Crashed the Wedding.
the photo is from What I Go to School for though.
heh. excuse my laziness to find the right photo.

he has an intense amount of eyebrow hair. it's so bushy and huge that's it's disturbingly attractive on him.. lol. *headDESKKKK*
even harry and tom from Mcfly insist that "bushy eyebrows are way forward."

he's kinda weird looking most of the time, but hey. bila dah minat right?!! ;)

in 2005, it made the news that Busted was no more. i wasn't just shocked i was pissed mad.
of course i found out why, because Charlie wants to be in a totally different direction of music.
and James said that the three of them agreed that if one of em went scampers the other two would not continue on with Busted.

the infamous "Busted Split Interview." i've gotta tell you that when i first heard of the split,
i was SO MAD PISSED at Charlie, you wouldn't believe me.
i basically ate, slept, drank "it's all his fault, it's all his fault Busted is gone"
i really did HATE him. honest.

then he comes out with his new band Fightstar.

i mean, from this,

to this.
well, you know, there's nothing wrong with Fightstar at all. i'm sure they play great music for their fans.
and when i youtube them or busted, many people keep commenting on how Busted really sucks and have gay pop songs, thank god Charlie left to be in the most epic band ever like Fightstar.

or vice versa, oh god, i can't believe Charlie left Busted to be in such a crappy screamo band like Fightstar.

let me tell you that those example of comments are quite yellow mellow to the real deal.

so basically, i held a really long (years i believe) grudge against charlie and dissed fightstar whenever i could.
if i watch a Busted video on youtube, my subconciousness immediately lean toward Matt.
no charlie.

gosh. kesian. macam a rebound celebrity crush. but whatever, matt is such a cool cat anyway.
Matt and James got on trying to get their solo projects going.

Matt won I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.
Got married with Emma Griffiths.

i didn't care much for charlie till recently in this glorious year of two-oh-ten, i started re-watching Busted videos and Fightstar videos.
coz i suddenly had a thought that maybe Charlie is happy in Fightstar, maybe Busted ended on good terms between the three lads,
i started feeling kind of guilty of the horrible animosity and hate that i felt for Simpson.
i thought maybe if i try to appreciate Fightstar's music, maybe they're actually not that bad.
(nyahhhh.... bad choice tho, i'm really sorry, but i guess Alternative rock just isn't my thing)

after feeling glad at myself for overcoming such a childish grudge against a person that i havent even met in my entire life, i felt like i got punched in the stomach when i read this.

ugh i feel so angry now! what a right bastard.
but yeah, back to earth sarah! you read that on the internet.
how sure are you that it's true on not just a nasty rumour like the many others that you found online?

whatever tho. i really wish all three of them the best. and i really hope that none of those crap things about the three of them are true. but if you (charlie) really said that, then i hope you trip on a rock or stub your toe on a desk or something shitty like that.
Busted will always be Busted and i'll always love them.

i also wish the best for Fightstar. i read a lot of good reviews about your band.
best of luck.

before i sign off, a last photo of matt ;)

R.I.P. Busted

Thursday, 12 August 2010

my babies

no i wasn't being irresponsible.


well "fan" *stares at the stationary ceiling fan* my babies is just a term of endearment for the supermegafoxyawesomehot Mcfly Fly Boys.....

right. i hope you enjoyed that classic music video of Mcfly.

now totally irrelevant. but if you're a twitter-ville resident, then you'll know that mcfly had a competition.
but see what happen?! dammit!!

i hate it when technology goes bust.

i was trying to win a competition for gods sake.
oh well. better luck next time right?

congratulations and celebrations to @xoVickyBxo tho.
you lucky bitch ;) ;)

what are the chances that she's actually read my blog and see that i called her a bitch. hehehe.

what am i doing calling people bitch, it's ramadhan, sarah!!!
fine, you lucky GIRL, then.

right, continuing on,

i've just realised that after their fantastic Attitude magazine shoot, they've been walking around in singlets and stuff to show off their fantastic looking arms. lol.

praise the lord for their awesome workout regime.

dougie looking fine as ever.

the scandalous Attitude spread. well, as i try to keep my blog posts rated PG-13, eheeee
*smiles innocently* that's about the most i shall post regarding the photoshoot.

for more wonderful photos of the boys in their birthday suits please go to my tumblr and feast your eyes. lol.

okie dokie. enough for today's post.


Wednesday, 11 August 2010


i've just realised that my blog is in such a kesian state.
i have not wrote/blogged anything since *checks back* APRIL 26!!!!

dayummm. today is the 11th of August.

i've been slacking!!!
oh well. to commemorate the day that i finally post something,
i present to you. the new layout. bahahahaha.


so...what to say what to say.......


*birds chirping*

*crickets cricketing?*

*wonders what sound exactly does a cricket make*

hmm,,, i wonder whats new on tumblr.