Thursday, 12 August 2010

my babies

no i wasn't being irresponsible.


well "fan" *stares at the stationary ceiling fan* my babies is just a term of endearment for the supermegafoxyawesomehot Mcfly Fly Boys.....

right. i hope you enjoyed that classic music video of Mcfly.

now totally irrelevant. but if you're a twitter-ville resident, then you'll know that mcfly had a competition.
but see what happen?! dammit!!

i hate it when technology goes bust.

i was trying to win a competition for gods sake.
oh well. better luck next time right?

congratulations and celebrations to @xoVickyBxo tho.
you lucky bitch ;) ;)

what are the chances that she's actually read my blog and see that i called her a bitch. hehehe.

what am i doing calling people bitch, it's ramadhan, sarah!!!
fine, you lucky GIRL, then.

right, continuing on,

i've just realised that after their fantastic Attitude magazine shoot, they've been walking around in singlets and stuff to show off their fantastic looking arms. lol.

praise the lord for their awesome workout regime.

dougie looking fine as ever.

the scandalous Attitude spread. well, as i try to keep my blog posts rated PG-13, eheeee
*smiles innocently* that's about the most i shall post regarding the photoshoot.

for more wonderful photos of the boys in their birthday suits please go to my tumblr and feast your eyes. lol.

okie dokie. enough for today's post.


1 comment:

CiziWejes said...

Damn! Those think that they used to look so boy-ish!! Gosh! They grow up so fast *sniffles*