Sunday, 20 November 2011

well well well. LOOK. WHO'S. BACK?
*paints target on forehead and passes out rotten egg ammo to loyal Get Your Cheese On readers*

if i actually HAVE loyal readers. TeeHee. Anywho.
i apologize for leaving this blog in a comatose state. It's like a vicious cycle isn't it? Blog - months of absent-ism - sudden reappearance - apology (with cherry and whip cream toppings)

nevertheless, let's move on to more pressing matters at hand!   Updates on the Boys of course!!!

so I'm sure every Galaxy Defender (GD) knows what the two most important TV show that is showing on planet Earth right now is Strictly Come Dancing and I'm a Celebrity.. Get me out of here!

because Harry Judd is dancing his way to the top on Strictly and Dougie is going back to his roots and being a wild wolf boy in the Jungle!

i'll start off my long blogging hiatus with Mr Harry Judd. 

so everyone pretty much knew that he was gonna be on the show after he did amazing in Strictly for Children In Need last year. and as everyone predicted, Harry Judd from Mcfly is dominating the show yawwww. he's obviously such a competitive dude, so i'm guessing he tries really hard and practices a lot.

                                             with  his gorgeous dance guru/partner Aliona Vilani

the Samba
dancing the Waltz

well. the Argentinian Tango (week 7), has brought much gossipy gob for fellow viewers and fans or all ages.
the dance was awesome btw, and even the judge Craig who's usually quite strict loved it. but Len didn't though. 
anyway, it was kinda... you know...sexual. or in the words of Miranda sex-SHUAL.  
the Argentinian Tango

                                                                    this picture does not help me prove a point

but basically, apparently Izzy (Harry's long time girlfriend, you know the violinist from Escala?) got a tad bit jealous. well, if i was his girlfriend i see him with her everyweek i'd be a tad bit jealous as well. but, it's ok Izzy! all GD's support ya, hang on a bit more and when he wins SCD you'd be really proud, and he's SO gonna propose to you anyway *wink wink* 


                                                              Izzy (second from left)

here's a Daily Mail article about Harry, Izzy and Strictly. click click click!! HERE. 

so right now, after the Wembley special, Harry & Aliona are at third place. so fellow GD's who are living in the UK, please please please vote for Harry & Aliona. come GD's let's get Harry to WIN STRICTLY COME DANCING!!! 

and so i will leave this post with a picture 

toodles readers! i shall update on I'm a Celebrity next. so stay tuned would ya?!!

your humble Jedi-Master (BOOYA),