Saturday, 4 December 2010

ok so i've started uni and all. hahaha.
my exam is around the corner. in less than a month. and i study all day in my e-lab.

now readers will go, Hey, why do you study in a computer lab?!

ok. you got me. well at least i try to study. so usually this is how it goes, i'd snag the best spot in the lab, boot up the desktop, log in to tumblr, log in to twitter, open surfthechannel and load up 3 things, big bang theory, gossip girl and glee.
while they're all loading, then i'll bring out my notebook and notes.

yup. i'm totally awesome because i have the best self-control ever! i wish.

but anyway........
i'm not here to talk about studying! this blog is about fun times! the coolio gangsta paradise blog!
i have to stop getting off topic.

so. basically what i'm trying to say is that these few days, i've been watching Star Wars!!

hahahaha. mesa loves watching star wars while yousa reading booksas! lol.
and now i've only watched until half of Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

I've never realized how great this whole saga is. (probably because the last time i watched it was when i was younger and only watched the movie for cool light swords =.=')
it's so creatively written.
i mean, even the word Jedi is freaking cool. you know how normal peace-keepers a.k.a policemen would only have titles like constable or detective and
even doctors would only have Dr..

but for jedis! imagine, Jedi Master Sarah! damn! that's a title that my inner nerd self would love to have.

so let's just mention a few characters. firstly, of course Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi and Jedi Master Qui-Gon.
i find that qui-gon is a totally kick ass name. sad that he died in the first movie.
i didn't bother to get photos of the two jedis. heh. lazy la.

then we have anakin skywalker. hahaha. he was such a cutie pie in the first movie!

"i'm a person and my name is ani"

awwwh. what i can't get over is that when he finally meets padme again in the second movie,
at their first encounter he gave her that smoldering look. lol.

and he keeps giving her that look throughout the movie! The Anakin Smolder.

sadly i didn't screen capture his face while watching. hahaha.

have you guy watched Tangled yet? the awesome disney movie?
this is flynn rider's smolder. hahaha. which totally made me laugh.

but then. anakin's smolder is like....and evil smolder! it's like a gatal face. but evil gatal face.
gosh. that sounded so wrong.
still, anakin even as a jedi he has that evil aura surrounding him.

and then there's Jar Jar Binks, a gungan! hahah. i hope i spelled that correctly. if i did, whoever the star wars boss is can punish me by forcing me to eat a petri dish full of midi-chlorians.

hahahahaha. then i'd be even more powerful then damn anakin! muahahahahaa.

anyway. Jar Jar Binks!

mesa loves the ways jar jar talks.

meesa thinkin da weesa should all speaks like missa binks! most people would quota master yoda. but meesa thinkin da speakins like missa binks is cool and will brings out da nerdiness in yousa!

and you just can't predict what you can find on the net. there is actually various translators that you can turn your speech into jar jar binks lingo with just a click of the mouse. totally random.

and i found some photos which is just hilarity in nature.


first off, lol. jason castro!

and there is also ronaldinho. hahah.

some people just have so much time to do all this.

ok. i'm done with my star wars post.

may the force be with you young padawans!
Sarah Douven-Kenobi (lol)
*boots up light saber and starts swiping it in the air at non-existant mosquitoes*


Anonymous said...

Welcome to my blog

mesa a.k.a not-yousa a.k.a stegie said...

perhaps mesa shouldn't have introduced surfthechannel to yousa.

Obi Wan <3