Monday, 23 June 2008

sakit hati like shit

dammit. i'm pissed. REALLY pissed. the person who made the minimum 25 page rule is a fancy Jellybean.
yes.i'm not gonna go around using colourful and strong curse words on my blog.
i'm keeping it PG.

anyway, i went to school this morning all happy to pass up the fishing folio.
then i found out about the
fanatical minimum 25 page rule.
GREAT. just the exact thing to make my day bloodier and bloodier kan.

dahlah i only got a bleeding half an hour of sleep. Finished the thing around 4. then watch football.
hah. thank god spain won.
at first i didnt really feel mengantuk. then after waiting for quite sometime outside with jessie and meiyin and having a
rolled-up-lyrics-on-paper-saber-war, i kinda felt the drowsiness.
when i went up on stage i barely said thanks to the dude.
it was more like. prize. mumblemumble. cabut!

me and stages/prizegiving just dont go well together.
during the time when i received the prize on the real day of the competition lagi teruk.
kan it was at USM. so the walk towards the stage was kinda long and scary.
kept chanting in the head, dont trip. dont trip. dont trip.
but then when sampai down there i salah jalan and actually skidded to a halt.

i fishing skidded to a bouncy halt!!! like what the hell.
i dunno if anyone noticed but yeah. i felt the sliding alright.
nasib baik i didnt ended up on the floor or something.

so anyway. the stupid 25 minimum rule. jeez. i only have to types of flowers and a monkey cup you fumbling aristocrat!
so enough venting. for today.

vent again next time.
should probably blog about prom night.
but you know so many things to say and all. so it needs more preparation and stuff.

so anyway, gotta go and finish the stupid shit.



Afi said...

the blog is has a new name
ok ok fine its the same

now theres now 'z" in the productionz.


Monica said...

don't worry Sarah Lee :D I thought your acceptance at the stupid convention for your dictionary was awesome ;)

MEIYEN said...
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MEIYEN said...

Fumbling Aristocrat???


Ahem. Sorry. But i find that very funny. LMAO.

Chill la, 25 pages isn't alot. If you really think about it. I dont actually KNOW you have to do 25 pages of what la kan, but you know. :D I'm sure it's just kacang!

Okay. I'm shutting up. Sorry.

*mumbles: i'm good at making matters worse*
*walks out*