Friday, 17 October 2008

whoa. freaky.

so how creepy is this?
i just realized that the picture of frankie that i posted on my last post,

this picture lah i mean :

now don't pulak go around saying..
"ish sarah obsessive over dougie's new awek. i mean....GET OVER IT WOMAN."
heh. bugger off!

im just saying only.
that that picture of her reminds me of dougie.
weird you say?
i'll show you.

look at the hair!!!!! one fella combed to one side and the other fella to the other side BUT STILL!!!

again.. look at the hair!!!!

ok...weird pose doug.
but still. THE HAIR!!!!!!!!!!

i actually have a lot more pictures of dougie with that kinda hair. but i think you get the point.

ok to kaiwen, i know what you're gonna say.
haha. nevermind.i'll forgive you. since it's danny-boy's straight hair era.

but after that, FOCUS!
the hair!! THE HAIR!!!

ok. i think i should stop now.
getting all worked up over nothing really.

i'm just in the nile. haha. get it? the nile?! denial?


see ya!

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hrfirearms said...

hahaha yur hilarious! and just LOOK at DANNY!!!!!!!!