Sunday, 30 November 2008

widget the betrayer.

the stuuuupid widget up there rosak on me!!
well at least there was supposed to be a widget up there to show why today is such an important day.

since the bloody widget is not there.
i'll just tell you.

today. on the 30th of November 2008.
it is...

DOUGIE LEE POYNTER, member of mcfly, the most amazing bass player in the whole wide world(make that the universe), not to mention the hottest bass player ever existed in this universe's 21st BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

since it's now around 2pm where you are.
i hope you're having a blast.
and you live long.
and keep rocking.
and the guys would give you awesome presents.
and mcfly will be forever.
and stay fit!
and always be the weirdo bass player that i love. (heh)
and buy more funky looking customized bass guitars.
and write more awesome songs.
and treat all your girlfriends right.
and never ever ever ever ever ever have a fallout with tom danny harry.
and i hope you the best in life.

DUDE!! you're 21!!! LIFE HAS JUST BEGUN.

happy birthday dougie.

posted by your darling.
you just don't know it yet. (wink wink)


Monica said...

curse all widgets!


after 11! ingat tau! :D :D :D :D :D

and! don't forget to reply me kay :D the non-digital way. the old-fashioned way. if you know what i mean ;)

i hope you know what i mean. lol :P


shumei! said...

your darling??! hahahaha
happy birthday dougie!

go online!!! (you, not dougie, coz that would be weird! But i don't mind talking to him too!)

Shahira! said...

Baru 21.
I thought dah 30.

sarah said...

what is this insulting his age huh ira?!


i'm so disappointed in you.