Tuesday, 27 April 2010

thirst quencher

are you thirsty? i'm actually feeling very very thirsty.
it's not even a sweltering hot day or anything of that sort.
it's actually a very cool day.
well. i'm not saying that just because it's not hot, water is not needed by our body.
i'm not cause WATER IS IMPORTANT!

8 glasses a day keeps the doctor away.

but what i'm thirsty for....is not a glass of water.

not a glass of piña colada (not that i've ever drank that or will i ever)

i'm also not even thirsty for an awesome cold glass of A&W's Root Beer.

i'm thristy for some MCFLY.

mcfly mcfly, shall i compare thee to a summers day,
thou art more lovely than a serving of Crème brûlée,

yes, I sarah rosli a.k.a sarah douven is here to QUENCH all of you Mcflyers and Galaxy Defenders out there's THIRST for MCFLY MANIA.

mcfly boys! some people might ask, where have you guys been?!
it has been two years since the Radio:ACTIVE album.
well, fear not Galaxy Defenders out there.
another album is in the works!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and i for one am really excited to see what new amazing explosive stuff the boys have got in store for us.

so, what's going on with the boys you ask?
well. recently between march and april, the boys have been in america to produce their album.
they've been working with one of the best, Dallas Austin.

yup. here's Tom and Dougie with Dallas Austin.

now. how am i actually helping you quench your thirst?
by sharing pictures of course!
pictures of our beloved singing, instrument playing, totallly fit boys.

just so you know, i feel very much like a stalker ok.
click. mcfly twitter. click. dougie fansite. click. mcfly twitpic. click. google.

boy, it's really easy to stalk people. you can stalk anyone on the globe nowadays.
it's freaking simple with the internet. stalkerism is literally a click or at least two clicks away.
kinda scary. but convenient dont you think?

imagine stalking like maybe 60 years ago.
i doubt we'll be able to get posters and immediate news about others.
you'll have to get news by telegram. lol.

*receives telegram on the 27th of June 2010*
*opens telegram*
5th of April
The Mcfly Boys is now in the land of the free comma America to record their newest album with the renoun songwriter and producer Mr Dallas Austin stop

lol.maybe i'm exagerrating a lil bit.
anyway. back to the photos.

tom the storm.

danny the MAN-ny. hahah. i tried to rhyme.
my rhyming skills are just unevitable.

dougie and harry

the oh so famous mcfly board of progress.
manly huh? *ahem* i meannnnnn....... creative huh?!

harry, dallas and me. YES. I AM underneath the ironman suit.
totally awesome.
i wish.

dougie looking like a totally hot rockstar. why are his legs so freaking skinny?!

dannnnnnnny boy.

and the last most important photo. of all mcfly photos.

yep. the picture that i took with the mcfly boys.....

well. the ruse is up. that was actually a picture that i would like to make a reality.
*starts bawling*

damn photoshop.



Afi said...


enough said

Monica said...

mcfly mcfly, shall i compare thee to a summers day,
thou art more lovely than a serving of Crème brûlée,

Lame as always, Sarah :p but LOL.

The board of progress is so adorable!