Thursday, 29 November 2007

steven strait !!!

dougie.i am SO not cheating on you ok?
SHE made me do it.
it really isnt my fault.
this is not blogging by free will!

this is like a diversion from telling the world about poynter.

this is what i'm supposed to write.

this post is specially written to broadcast and tell everyone that steven strait is HOT-smokin-melts ice caps-turns legs to jello-makes the heart skip a beat-makes you dizzy in a good way-and many others.

there he is. a classic stevenstrait picture

and who can resist him in sky high? the rebellious-mysterious hottie?

and this picture i got off one of the many sites. i mean look at those adorable curls.makes you feel like you wanna chop em off right?

ignore the other ppl.concentrate on the guy in the bright coloured jacket.

i guess thats about enough pictures of steven strait.
he looks absolutely fine in the covenant.
major man-candy.


p.s.this post is solely dedicated to the person who always beat me in battleship.
i'll get you back man. i'll get ya.



OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
omgomg I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and according to you I look drunk. I AM!!! Steven Strait is THE hottest, best-looking, drool-worthy, knees-buckling, aiya you get the idea! OMG dude you are AWESOME!!!!!! truly truly. someone's blushing.. HAH~! [someone next to me. not me.]
MUAHAHAHAH. hehehehe. :D


seriously. If I had a blog, I would totally dedicate an entire post to dougie :D

get your cheeeeeeeeeeese on! lol
[don't tell the other harry lover :D]

sarah said...

make la a blog!!
join the community man!!

it can be "the strait lover"

how's ipoH?