Sunday, 2 December 2007

the best 20 minutes of my life

guess what was i doing during those 20 minutes??

we went to Holiday Inn, Batu Feringghi for Mei's farewell sleepover beach partaayyy..
it was great.
the most fun we've had together
with mei,ira,mon,afi,kai,carol,jan,meiY,vicky.
it was great.was that repetitive?

that thursday evening, we all decided to blow off all our money to go for a 15 minute ride on the jetski.
actually after the bargain, it was 20 minutes.but still....
it was still expensive. heheh.

its me and ira!! whoop whoop!!

this is carol and mon

and this HOW did this picture end up here?
can u imagine, seeing him cruising the waters of penang!!
is it just me or does his jetski look so much more cooler??
even the lifejacket looks cool.damn.
now lets imagine me sitting behind dougie!!haha.
*slaps self for being delusional*

*sigh* back to business....

thats ira and me the freakshow who thought it'd be a great idea to wear my cap!
can you see it like flying off?

here we are :me,ira,mon and carol waiting for our turn to jetski.
[this picture should be on top]

i went with ira.mon with carol.jan with afi.kai with meiY.
it was freakishly awesome.

me and ira make a good team.

i even dropped my cap into the sea.
we tried to get it.but the mission was a failure.

anyway. we had tons of fun.

i didnt wanna put this picture actually, but i figured maybe i should since its a pic with mei.
haha.mei you should be honoured
coz i looked like a bloody _________ in there.
lol. [fill in the blanks]

after that, me,ira and afi did wave surfing and "the balance test" or something.haha.
thank god there was no jellyfish.

we went to the famous night market place along the whole BatuFeringghi road.
dvds-earrings-bikinis-batik-salt&pepper shaker-funkyshades-cutlery-and stuff

** we also went to eat at the foodcourt place where me,ira and afi ate pizza!
then we all sang, more like belted out happy birthday to kai eventhough its not
her birthday.
ppl all around our table were like looking at us in the amused-raised eyebrow-way.
i'm surprised that no one joined in with us.
oh well. wishful thinking.
and then there was mei's "cutlery" was hilarious.
that dude definitely didn't see it coming. **

we also celebrated doug's 20th birthday in the games room which we treated like it belonged to us.we sang him the song.
and had a good time in general.
u should have seen us playing pool.
i pocketed a few balls.
sounds cool right?
it was by luck. no skills involved.
sounds pathetic more like it.
but hey!at least we had fun eh?

then me,mon,ira and afi went to the poolside to play pingpong.
mon and me played until we became seriously "mabuk pingpong"
we seriously looked like we were drunk.especially because it was past midnight
and we were the only ones in in the lobby place {the others were still in the games room}
afi even played some songs from her phone and we all practically belted out the songs.
and mon was all action packed when she climbed over the fence to get the pingpong ball from the buffet dinner place.

we should do it again.
we should definitely do it again.

and next time we'll bring more cash,
coz i'm broke.

p.s. all the pictures are courtesy of ira!

** heheh.courtesy of ira also! **

p.s. don't forget to watch Just My Luck featuring McFly!!
dougie looks exceptionally cute in there.
10.00pm on Star Movies (ch 413)
" eye!!" "My E-string!!"


Shahira! said...

Admit it, we look really good in the picture with mon and carol kan?

OMG we missed the part where we sang happy birthday to kai although it wasnt her bday!
everyone was quiet except for our table! hahahaha!!!

sarah said...

oh yeaaa!!!
we totally left out the dinner eh?



Afi said...

sarah 1st of all i really need to say this
dougie.jet ski.VERY AWESOME.
ohhh yeaaa i forgot the singing part too.oh well

Mon said...

this is AWESOME!
I'm currently illegally online
that day was awesome!!!
JET SKI!!! woohoo!!!
omg mei's cutlery.. haha!
"mon was all action-packed'??
ping pong was lots of fun
sarah go get a ping pong table!
while you're at it, get a pool table too :D
dougie looks so cool on the jet ski. seriously. so bergaya :D hahaha!

mei gerrard said...

What "cutlery" incident??! I don't remember!!! SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW!!!
err sarah, you're not the only one that looks like a bloody ________ in that pic, if that makes you feel any better [I'm still very honoured though, thankyouverymuch ]. nice blog!

and yeah, that dude's jet ski does look much cooler! maybe it's coz of the colour... anyway, he's got this whole "james bond" thing going on. NICE! *thumbs up*

OMG!!! I JUST REALIZED IT'S DOUGIE ON THE JET SKI!!! *dies for a few seconds and comes back to life* NO WAY!!! wowww.... Gimme a second to get over this.

Okay, all done. Thanks guys for a great time!

kai said...

Yes thank you people for singing & making me feel like an idiot. Haha nahh feel really honored to be laughed at =]
Haha. Anyway nice blog, Sarah! :D
I don't have the pictures la damnit. How to blog about it laaaa?! Damn. I'm so left out. Haven't blogged about the sleepover ='(
Grrr. Eh if anyone else has pictures, send them to me via email okaaay!
Tq tq =] Haha.
Miss you sarah! :(