Friday, 7 December 2007


i found these pictures in a pendrive and i wept!!!

it is so sad.

not likely. it was a happy thing actually. i thought i lost them pictures.

guess what picture is it?
its a picture of me and my buddies from smkdj,damansara jaya,petaling jaya!!!

damansara is a great place! like hello 1u!!!and lrt!!and ikano!!ikea!!!the curve!!golden cineplex much!!and chicken rice!!haha.
hmm..i wonder why i dont have a picture of my house there.weird.

woohoo. great school, great friends!!

yes.some of the pictures, if they find out i actually posted it on the net,
i'll be a dead duck in hot soup.

Jamie, Farah, Di-Anne and Nadia.
these are the peeps.parvy is not here though coz she might miss the bus.

and this is
ZhuXiao,Sasha,Serene,Me and Nicole!
under the tree! and if you look closely,right behind is the canteen block of smkdj!
haha. historical venue.

and this is nicole, my dear eyeball partner!!woohoo.
go eyeballs!

yeah la nic... i know you dont look like this anymore.
being a dj prefect and all.
waahhhh...conquering the school eh you!

ok, and i'm so gonna get killed for this.
took this picture when i went to Nad's place when i was visiting.

it's jamie and nadia! haha. dudes, i can explain.
i just could'nt resist.
i mean, come on, where else can i get a pic of you guys posing in that gangsta's paradise way?
and let me tell you this, i have better pictures than that.
muahahaha. blackmail material.

haha.look at parvy trying to seduce the machine-picture-taking-thingy.

the pictures were taken in 1utama photobooth thingy.
i have no idea whats it called.
it was so fun. we all fell in the booth so many times.
and we also watched casanova on the same day. heath ledger, people!!!!!!

yeah so thats all i guess from dj.

i miss you lot loads!!!!!


p.s. go and listen to gangsta's paradise by coolio.

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