Wednesday, 26 December 2007

A cow named Bujang

so on the 20th was hari raya korban/hari raya haji/hari raya aidiladha.
whichever sounds nicer.
in case you didnt know, hari raya haji is the day when you korban the cow in order to donate the meat the the poor.

and as usual, me and my family went back to my kampung in melaka.
all my cousins were there.

so the day before hari raya, all the rendangs, and ketupats and other yummmy goodies
were cooked.
my aunt even made some dodol.

its kinda cool that everything is cooked outside.
using firewood.
how cool is that ey?

rendang in the making.
see the amount of smoke?
heheh. air pollution for a good cause.

anyway. after that,
the cow arrives.
i found out that the cows name is said in the title.
he's a white five year old cow.
kinda cute in an old cow way.

here is me,dad and dear ol' bujang.
doesnt look too bujang ey?

so anyway,
after everyone went for the hari raya prayers at the mosque,
we ate breakfast, changed into more comfortable clothes to witness the korban-ing process.

so after everything was ready,
we baca doa and then.... it happened la.
i dont know how to explain.
i'd put pictures but i think it would be a tad bit too gory for a blog.

so anyway, i think some of the pictures are ok.
kinda like a biology class you know.
it was all cool except the part when they cut open the stomach.
and wash the intestines.
the smell.
so here is a kind of cool picture of the insides of a cow.
brace yourselves.

you can see the ribs,lungs,liver,stomach and a lil bit of the intestines.

so after everything is cut open the meat is weighed to the right amount and then distributed to the poor around the whole kampung.
but its not solely for the poor its for evrybody actually.
so everyone gets a share.

then usually after everything is finished,
all the lauks with daging korban in it is cooked.
as usual, so sedaaaaaaaaappppppppppppp....

so, basically at the end of the day, we all gain a bit of weight with the rendang, sup tulang, ketupat, dodol, and other stuff.

but all in all, it was great.

btw, if you wanna see the pictures just holla ok!

and also to nicole, thanks a lot for the card!!!!!
miss ya a lot.

oh yea,,and merry christmas!!


Afi said...

hahah yeahhh
bujang doesnt look so bujang
that sounded so wrong
but oh well

Monica said...

dude.. the insides of that cow...
doesn't look like the insides of a cow. like... its so smooth. can't believe i just said that. omg but the kuali of food looks inviting! didn't ajak me makan la? ish ish.. :D LOL glad you had a awesome hari raya haji!

sarah said...

haha dude
how do you know the insides of a cow doesnt look like insides of the cow hmm??

heheh. i can't believe you said that too.



Monica said...

to those who don't know,
I saw the uncensored pics of the .. you know, of the cows. let me tell you... they are rated r. sarah : r only kah?
mon : ... I've seen worse.
sarah : evil laugh
mon : hah! -caught in the act-
sarah : -eating chocolate-
mon : :D
sarah : -blisfully eating, not caring that mon just smiled and sings a musical-