Saturday, 29 December 2007

sugar rush

so we drove back to penang from melaka on the 26th. merry christmas!!
and then as usual dad insists on leaving early from kampung, so we started the journey at around 7am.
then we again as usual stopped by at ss2,pj for breakfast at village park which has the best and i mean the
best roti bakar ever. and let me tell you....i dont like roti bakar. and i only eat village park's roti bakar.
that's gotta mean something right?
then after that, we went straight back to penang.
when i walked through the door, thats when i saw it.
a blue envelope of hope and dreams.
it's actually a card from nicole which i have mentioned in my earlier post.
damn that woman made my day.
with the card, she included a bookmark all the way from egypt.nicole, next time bring me along!
thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!for the stuff you sent.

the night of 26th december was spent last minute packing as we were leaving for perak the next day.
it was dad,uncle Z,uncle A and uncle H's annual golfing trip. the bestfriends golf trip.
so then on the way, we stopped by at queensbay.
and guess who i saw?? Teoh Shu Mei!!! haha.coincidence?? i think not. [she's stalking me!]
i'm kidding mei!!!
so then, back to the point, after buying some essential stuff for the journey
we continued our journey.

and after an hour and a half of stuffing my face with sugary goodness, we finally reached...kuala kangsar.
there we met up with uncle Z and A.
saw the aunties as well.and of course my darling friend Atia and of course Hani.
kak tasha couldnt make it though. its been so looooonnnnngggggg.
then we ate and uncle Z insisted we try some cow brain!
haha. it has an interesting taste. yeaaaaaaa... you guys should try it.

then we all made our way to perak. and then checked in to swiss garden damai laut golf and beach resort.
as usual, atia bunked in togethier with me and my sis.
the place is beautiful. i took a lot of pictures.
but i couldnt find the bloody cable for the camera.
and the memory card ready is giving me issues. so....yeah.i'll post the pictures after i've resolved the stubborn
stupid annoying piece of memory card reader problem.

and so, obviously. dads went off to play "golof" as said in indonesia.
and mums went off to the spa for a massage and a body scrub? or something like that.
and since the island hopping/snorkeling program was fully booked, us "children" were stuck at the hotel doing nothing. so we went to the pool all day. not that i'm complaining or anything.

so the sunburn that i got from tioman that have not healed yet has gotten worse.
it was fun. racing atia to the other side of the pool.
and we even made star formations while floating. hahah. like a bunch of retards.
and then me and atia did our usual scout for another swish guy replacement.
but nooooo.... no one can compare to him. ask my mum!

me and atia also went for bicycle rides around the place and we even stopped by at a point called the view where there obviously is a nice view of the valley, the golf course and also the see.

at night we went out for a seafood dinner. i kept on hitching rides with atia. coz uncle Z's car is da bomb!!
its a mercedez. but not the normal type you know. its like a huge big travelling car. so freaking comfortable!
anyway, atia and me, instead of joining in the conversation and stuff, we listened to the jonas brothers on my psp.
then we shared a milo ice blended. it had two HUGE pieces of chocolate in it. NICE!

then i overheard the dads talking bout their game. and apparently my dad won. so their bet was rm10 each is given to the winner. but the catch is that the winner has to pay for dinner.
haha. so my dad was complaining that it wasnt worth winning as he actually rugi because of the dinner.

but the end all four of them were fighting to settle the bill and here's how it goes.

*the bill comes*
dad: i'll pay.
u.Z: EH!!no no. i'll pay.
u.A: EY!! no no no. cannoooottt... here. here.
u.H: no need la. i'll pay.
u.Z: EHHHHH...
u.A: no no no noooo.
u.H: bring it heeerrrreeee....

so then the next day was spent the same way. lounging at the pool until we were all wrinkled up.
the following day, we changed our venue to teluk rumbia? something like that. we lot didnt really like it there.
so anyway.
we spent a night there and hung aroung a lot at the climbing ropes right in front of our cabin.

then the next morning, we made our way back to kuala kangsar for lunch.[brain again]
then, the mums went some shopping.
i bought myself the surfer dudes shorts.

then finally, we went to uncle Z's place in ipoh. Atia ajak me to eat hot cup.but i didnt. was busy playing with her sims2 on her gameboy.
its addictive.dont blame me.
the dad's went to play golf again in meru heights/hills im not too sure.
then we balik rumah at night.
after a bag of cheezels, pringles and loads more of chocolate
we finally reached penang at around 10pm.

i think my sugar level is kinda bad right now coz of the amount of choc i ate.
i even finished my "emergency chocolate bar"
and i also have already finished 4 cans of coke within this week.
thats bad.

so that was my rendition of my vacation.


Monica said...

cow brains??? you serious? Why didn't you tell me?? how could you keep this from me! (being a little too dramatic here)
man chocolates are a necessity... those who say otherwise have something seriously wrong with themselves.
swish guy. OMG. LOL! I wanna see his face!!! sayang la you didn't take his pic!!! LOL! I'll take your mum's word for it. He's hot. :D
that conversation about the bill paying? omg funny lol! so who ended up paying?
and I agree that mei is stalking you. shhhhssshhhhhh. she might be reading. ooops. hi mei! :D

shumei! said...

stalking you??! I was so not stalking you! Don't flatter yourself. lol. I just happened to be there. Fine, next time I see you I'll just WALK AWAY. haha. Kidding man.
Your Mom knows about Swish guy??!

oh, hi Mon.

Afi said...

cow brains? intresting but hmm what did it taste like.should be
sounds like fun dude the holiday i mean
ohhhhhhhhhhh that day i met mei
in gurney !!! LOL
fun fun times.

Monica said...

mei, her mum KNOWS about swish guy. LOL!
are you sure you're not stalking two ppl mei??? hmmm... you're so gonna kill me when you see me, aren't ya? :D

sarah said...

mei the stalker...
does have kind of a nice ring to it dontcha think??


mon, we should probably be prepared for the wrath of mei.

shumei! said...

I just happen to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Gimme a break!

But it's kinda weird how I keep bumping into people I know everytime I go to Gurney or Queensbay.

Maybe YOU GUYS are stalking me!!! GOSH!