Tuesday, 1 January 2008

farewell sweet sweet freedom!!!

hi guys. awwright????
well then. it's the 1st of january!! lets all welcome the new year 2008!!!
well this should be good eh? another year has passed. and were all good dontcha think?
i'm now 16 years and a day old? haha. nice.

well it has been an uneventful holiday. if i dont count our jetski outing, the swish guy hunt and the bujang holiday.
its been so freaking boring.
and i've been helping my mum out in the garden everyday.
i even did the most retarded thing ever.
i played tag,,,,,,with a tree.
let me tell you something. if you play tag with a tree...you'll always win!!!!

the things you find in the ground. the size of the worms are HUGE!!!!
and i think i chopped off a few worms head.heh.ruthless.
and i never knew how difficult it was to re-pot a plant.
you have to like take the plant out of the pot first right? in order to do that, you have to like shove the spade into the soil to loosen up the soil.then give out all you got to pull the damn plant out.
i swear it feels like your back is gonna break. and you gotta like make sure you bend your knees or you WILL break your back.
*thank you for listening to gardening101. come back next week to learn how to check if your plant is dying.*
after helping out so much, i've been actually considering going into the florist business.


haha. not really. i mean no offense to any florist out there of course. you guys rockk!!!!!!!!!

i'm soo not ready for school.
i mean seriously. just now. right before dinner, i just finished sewing my bag. heh. got a little rip over there.

and i dont know if your parents are giving you the same next-year-is-spm-year speech coz my parents especially my dad is bombarding me with all this speeches.
guess what? he even put a "the guide to good studies" book on my table.
yeah dad, i know it was you.
i bet he's thinking of banning me from using the computer, watching tv and all.
shheessssshhh....do you really think that thats gonna help?
i mean seriously, mumdad. give me a break la.i know whats coming.
even now, they keep on looking at me funny whenever i sit in front of the telly or the computer.
give me a break!!its the last day of the hols!!!
[screams into the pillow and hits head with a sledgehammer until a dull throbbing is felt]

well then, glad i got that out of my system.
tomorrow is a new day.where we will wear our clashing ugly school shirt with the amazingly blinding red pants.
and mind you, i have a red bag.
i'd probably look like a walking RedNoseDay advert.
speaking of red nose day. have you all seen catherine tate acting as lauren cooper??
it is awesome i tell ya!! ask mei... she knows!

ira and muz wont be in the same class as us. who's gonna hide my bag in the store room????
and draw pau pictures in my school diary???
[aahhh...the horror!!]
and art class will never be the same without mei!!
remember how we use to pester miss chan about letting us make a group of three?
and the statue of jeremy!!which was broken off by some insolent little child.heh.no idea who though.
[lets all now have a moment of silence to honour the death of a dear statue-friend]


~moment of silence is over~
and guess what? i watched the re run of the 2007 brit awards,
and theres not even a bloody glimpse of mcfly in there.
shesshh. i'm disappointed.really.
very very disappointed. very very very very very very disappointed.

well anyway. i should be going and do whatever stuff you're supposed to do the night before school starts.
you know...stuff.
i've stuffed my brain with enough billy elliot and mcfly stuff in my brain to last at least until the next holiday.
at least i hope so.
at least there'll still be the occasional after midnight rendevouz(did i spell it right?)
and at least they wont take away my psp.if they do..i'll.....
well i dunno yet but i'll do something...i'll be so pissed that they'll give it back.
heh. i'll just have to use it sorok-sorok right!
heheh.i hope my parents, or anyone who knows my parents arent reading this.
and btw, mon and mei who have been to my house a lot of times, especially mon...you guys dont count ok.
coz you know them, they know you. huh. bad i dea to write anything about the psp.


so......i'll be on my way now.
seriously....farewell sweet freedom!
see you guys tomorrow!

and for a last B.E. quote,

michael: shake those hips billy!!!
billy: oh shut up you pouf.
it sounds much better when you're listening to it then in writing though.
i'm obsessed.
more like posessed.by the billy elliot spirit of obsession.
yeah. thats it. thats definitely it.

[and no i'm not replacing dougie with billy!]

be a lover not a fighter.


Ouh Kirana, said...

hye dear.
gile panjang lah ur posting. and the font is really small


miss u btw. sgt2

nnti i link kan ur page k :))

love u, miss u

msti u dh gile tggi skarang :)) hehe

sarah said...

miss you too!!

ni nak jadi youth ambassador la ni eh??
dont worry.
i voted for ya!!

Afi said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh i like
its very awesome
haha you seriously played tag with a tree *rolling on the floor laughing*
ok ok i think we're all guilty actually.haizzzzz


Monica said...

you played tag. with a tree.
*wait for it...*
ok. a little bit insane right now.
dude. the worms will have revenge on ya. really. i've seen it happen. not pretty.
i like your 'thank you for reading gardening 101' bit. hilarious man. hahah!
omg jeremy. --mourns for him--
if i ever find out who the hell that insolent little can't-keep-her-hands-to-herself child is... she is gonna PAY. mwahahahahah!
hey what do you mean 'especially mon' huh? hahahha!
omg. perfect blackmail material.
auntie! your daughter - *sarah tackles mon to the ground before the ultimate blackmail material was exposed*
obsessed with b.e. is an understatement for your kind of love for him. enough said. =D