Wednesday, 2 January 2008

first day of school laaaaaa...........

today was certainly interesting. woke up at 6.00 by the alarm. then hit snooze for about three times.
finally dragged my butt out of bed and got ready.
put on my pajama baju.then went down for breakfast.

slept again on the carpet until 7am.then finally went to school.
i met sam and alia'a at the canteen.
heheh. the new form1 girls looked scared. heheh. they're getting taller and taller i tell ya.
then afi came and we all cabut and go for assembly. met ira on the way.and jan.
then we saw muz and then we went upstairs to "chop?/cop??/chowp?" the place or whatever.

and since sarah safia is moving and afi will sit together and kai and mei yen will sit in front of us.
then it was the assembly.mon and jan and carol came to sit at our class place as usual.and then the usual assembly stuff happened of course.
stand-prayer-sing-ikrar-sit-speech-speech-speech-stand-sing-announcement-go back to class.

when we went upstairs, we 'lepak' at akik for a while since the teachers belum masuk.
and me and afi fought with muz and ira trying to defend whose class is better.
but i think it was a mutual agreement that all the classes suck except for 4Akik 2007!!

then we went back to class and pn TLL came in. unfortunately she wasnt our teacher as she was leaving.
our class teacher is supposed to be a new dude teacher. but he isnt here yet. so she's filling in before she leaves.
then, sam was elected as the monitor and i became the assistant. heh.
what a joke, sarah. i'd probably get sacked one day.
huhu. extra credits baby!!and afi got treasurer.
and guess what? mon and muz both got positions as assistant!! how gangsta's paradise is that?

then we all even made arrangements about how its gonna be during recess. whos gonna wait for who and stuff.
during recess, we saw a couple of kids practically molesting the poor mr. whale.
kesian mr whale. he needs the pacific ocean people!!!!!!!!!!!!

then we called shu mei!!
and she was sleeping!! shessshhh...
just because you have no school does not mean you can sleep in woman!!!
anyway. all of us shouted into the phone: HI MEI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mei, do you know what was the most said sentence in school today?
seriously everyone said it. "i miss mei"
dude, this one baru first day and you havent even left yet.
so you know what the sloution should be?

haha. i almost wrote satay.
speaking of satay. we should eat some one of these days.

anyway. the canteen was packed with people. mostly parents. haiyo....sir/ma'am, your anak besar already laaaahhh.. they'll be fine. no need so paranoid one.
and they dont even have the courtesy to put the used plates into the basin.
tsk tsk tsk. is this how we want our children to be??

now back to business.
we were suppose to for gotong royong after recess. then me and mon semangat wanna say hi to miss chan.
and guess what happened?
we were dragged into helping her clean up the art room which was miles away. and on the fourth floor.
man! and somehow, carol,muz,afi,ira and sarahS got dragged in too.

so we slowly went upstairs. and when we reached the fourth floor we were kinda shocked.coz all the tiangs were painted in these extremely bright colourful paint.
seriously. looks like an entrance to a kindy!

then we just sweeped, mopped, wiped some stuff.sarahS was trying to convince everyone that she is strong enough to carry a chair with one hand. yeah, sarah! it didnt work.heheh.
then we cabut back downstairs.

then mon ajak me go to carols house. but nevermind la. heheh.
sorry mon!! and carol!!!
next time ok!!

then i walked back home with my mum.

so that was the first day of school.

~over and out~



Afi said...

2nd day of school tommorow
we'll see how it goes.

Shahira! said...


kai said...

2ND DAY! WOOOOOOO. I love you guys man. :D Go 4 Akik 2007!
(not over the fact that we're in f5. gahhh!)

Monica said...

haha little sarah sleeping on the carpet. so CUTE!!! LOL =D and vokasional DOES NOT suck. you tak pernah kena pukul by a vok eyh?? omg mei we missed you!!! as sarah said 'the mei legacy' = wash our hands before eating. =D yes, mei. its a sign ~~~ stay!
sarah make sure you can go okay!!!
actually we kinda fell asleep. but yeah you better go!