Tuesday, 15 January 2008

braces no more?

ey ey ey. i just took of my braces this morning! woohoo.
after 3 years and a few months. its off. but its so weird.. feels like something is missing.haha.
no more brace face club!awwww mannnn.....
whatever la kan. in a few minutes i have to go and get my retainers.

------------------------------------------------be right back-----------------------------------------------------------------------

woohoo. im baacccckkkkkk.
haha. what a freaky kinda contraption this reatiner thingy.
no really. i actually renamed it as my saliva-collecter-thingamajig.
i think it makes me very thirsty.

anyway lah right.
so many things i wanna say...
like for instance the other day during mr lim's class.

~mr lim's phone rang~
*ding dong*
mr lim: *POINTS AT DOOR* whos at the door??
then he answer the phone.

weird kan? funny though.

and then on monday. during art. guess what me, mon, meiyin and jessie did??
omg we drew a mural on the wall.
haha. it was so funny.
the theme was supposed to be underwater.you know....nice fishies in the sea..
but what did we maniacs came up with? [well it started with mon anyway]
DEMONS OF THE UNDERWORLD *cue scary music*

ahaha. really.mon started it with making her shark look so evil.you know the evil eyes.
then everyone start to follow.so we had evil seahorses,evil fish,a dead seahorse,a loving fish with its girlfriend but dead, and even patrick. not ira...i meant patrick the starfish? but patrick was alive la.
then mon drew some weird pink seaweed.
there was also a cute little boot supposedly stuck to a fishing rod.
then sometime during the hour, the words sarah poynter and monica strait appeared on the wall.

then when we finished, we called miss chan to take a look at our draft.
of course the sarahpoynter and monicastrait was erased by that time.
teacher wasa amused though by all the dad and evil looking stuff.
but it think she didnt notice the remains af a human hand in between monica's shark.haha.

but of course we had to change some of the things on the wall.
heh. teachers these days. amazing how quickly they can ruin our happy hour.
it was fun anyway.
best art class ever.

then before that, during bio. it was kinda cool too.
coz we all got to prick our fingers. { yes the needle was clean. at least i think it was}
using disposable needles.
it was kinda hard to poke the needle through though.
but we didnt see anything under the microscope though.
alien students we are.
but fun!!!!!!!

and guess what mon?im now assicted to that song that you and carol was singing.
dont listen to it people.[yes im using reverse psychology]

ooohhh.. and wanna know what we did yesterday?
since there was no art mon and me decided to stay back beacuse at 4 is cavell practice.
so at first we were eating. then meiyen suddenly so rajin go and do her maths homework.
so mon and me decided to deprive her of her homework.
then we went to go and be busy bodies at the musical play dance audition.
woohoo. kaiwen!!!
awesome guy like moves man.
then it was got kinda boring.
so we then we got out of that place.
then the meiyen shoe incident happened.
it was so funny. its like her shoe but not. its like her shoe but not. its like her shoe but NOT!!
then after that, we wen to walk towards the field. then we saw the drama audition still going on.
so we decided to try!
actually.mon and mei decided to try.
but after that i decided to join also heh.
thanks to mon's repetitive nagging.

then we practised at the back.
it was so hard to put on a straight face.

then it was time for the audition in fornt of mdm irene and...i have no idea what that teachers name is.

i was supposed to be the angry mother.
mon was supposed to be the "foya-foya" father.
meiyen was the daughter.

at first i think we started alright la. then when mon said sayang i almost laughed. then when the fight started and meiyen kept on bugging the parents, we kinda have no idea what to say.
me and mon were looking at each other. trying to think of what to say.
so we started to shove each other.
and i think i slapped mon once. but it wasnt a real slap la kan. it was like..you know..fake la.
[sorry eh mon]
the funny part was the ending.
sarah: i want a divorce!!
mon: fine
mon: fine
sounds like both of us wanted to have the last say.
but the turth is actually that we got nothing to say.
it was so funny.

it was so fun.
and scary.
man. but it was good. never done something like that ever before.
in my life.

woohooo..adrenaline rush.

then after we took our attendance for cavell.
me, mon and carol went to run away.because of our un-activeness in sports.
then along the way we were joined by dz-ians afi and sam.
so we cabut and went to 5D.
then we started to chitchat.
and we played a few retarded games.
like who will blink first and who laughs first.
and rapped out britney's song everytime.
and carol and mon starts to sing the severus snape song.haha.
i saw that video by the way.so cute!!
then when time was over we balik laaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

cool stuff.cool day.
definitely have to do it again.
even though if that morning we had to line up follow our unit uniform.
which the most retarded rule ever created.
and also the fact that next time we have to wear FULL U.
ish.stupid right.
say yes.come on.say it. say it.saaaaayyyyy ittttt...

ooohh...and 5Delima won kelas terbersih.
i have no idea HOW in the world we managed that.
but we did.
i think bribery was involved.
haha. i hope not.
mr lim seems to think that he's the one that does all the cleaning.
shhhessshhh. just because you cleaned the duster ONCE, doesnt mean you do everything man.
dont lie now. afi saw you.

and did you guys watch american idol yesterday??
so anyway. i should go and mandi and drink some water.


sehingga warkah hadapan.[is that even correct?]

"were just a couple animals"

p.s. mon!!!! kata nak update??


Monica said...

I was like listening to animals while I read your blog. lol! coincidence much.
OMG Sarah. this is like your most funniest post ever okay! I was like seriously
laughing to myself. And did you know how many times I pointed to the pc and
said 'hey!' ? LMAO. That sounded very weird of me. Anyway.
Seriously dude! Very nice. awesome stuff there =P hehheh
ok ok I update as soon as possible kay? cause I have homework and stuff la kan.
proving that procrastinating DOES NOT pay off. (: See ya tmrw poynter!

shumei! said...

oh man. can't wait to see you brace-less!!! 3 years is a long long time.

Which Mr. Lim is this?

you know, you guys have a really good way of making me feel left out. -best art class ever- Hmph.

anyway, did you pass the audition? and kelas terbersih??! w-o-w.