Sunday, 20 January 2008

yippedi doo daaahh yippedi daayyy....

my of my what a wonderful day....
what song is that anyway?

so guess what? its 4.16pm on a sunday. and i still havent got any of my homework done.
im have AWESOME time management dontcha think?
i've been reading stories nominated on the skow website.
thanks to mon, i've been hooked. did nothing else.
and come to think of it...someone still owes me a mcflurry. you do dontcha?dontcha?

afi and me just created the most amazing way to save money.where did we get the idea?
from an addmath lesson! yay! haha. finally we're applying what we've learnt ey?
haha. we call it the sarah and afi's /afi' and sarah's [doesnt matter la] geometric progression.
haha. yes. you should all try it some time. it doesnt bring in that much money. but still it is something.
something is better than nothing.
for more information, you can go to afi's blog and post a comment
or see her at 5Delima or call her at the number
04-2344tekan tekan tak dapat. haha
[it'd be more effective if you read the numbers in malay.
heheh. been wanting to use that lame line since....ever.

yeahhh.... parents are not here!haha. they left for kuala lumpur this morning.
who's up for a partaaayyyy!!!!
lets trash no* ********** road!!
i almost gave away my address.heh.

yesterday was quite a depressing saturday. im not gonna tell you why of course.
haha. unless if you give me a bowl of blood from a limping male elephant from the planet mars.
not the normal mars mind you. i meant planet M.A.R.s . you know....planet Marrying-Apes-Rocks?
yes. thats it. its quite near to earth.

ok.enough freak-ramblings.
what we all need right now is a cold cold glass of coke.

anyone wanna know how i ate dougie the other day?
heheh.lemme start from the beggining.
i chose a spoon instead of a fork. wouldnt wanna stab him now would we?
the i started to eat the cake like from the sides.
then i left his face the last.
then i ate doug's face without biting.haha.
speaking of cake...kai,,,i expect yoou to have danny in your tummy already by now.
you totally broke our 4pm vow man.
im going to your blog right now to remind you.

and now im getting used to having a forein object unlike my darling braces in my mouth.
i just have to remember not to bite on any ice.hihi.
the rents will slaughter me. either that, or i'll owe my dad rm200....again...
never again. unless its for an awesome gadget like a new phone...
dream on sarah.
speaking of dreams...
wanna know what mine was about last night?
i didnt wear my reatainer a day,, then the next day, i couldnt wear em anymore...
and my teeth wear all crooked and hanging loose from my gums.the teeth all looked like melted rubber.
kinda freaky if you ask me.
when i woke up, i automatically checked if i had them on.
damn. that was traumatizing.

wonder whats for dinner today.

sister is cooking.

awww...mei is leaving...on tuesday!!!!!
dont go mei....
we're gonna miss you so much.
are gonna come to school on monday??comela...
please mei!!!!please!!!!!
omg sarah...what are you doing??
poynters do NOT beg.

gonna miss you so much laaaaahhhh....

ok. enough blogging laa..

"snape..snape...severus snape... DUMBLEDORE!!!!!"

"every ass needs a jack"


p.s. monica.......................................................update laaaaa


shumei! said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I'M GONNA MISS YOU TOO!!! your banner is so pretty! haha. My name actually looks kinda hot! KIDDING!

Can't believe you ate dougie with a SPOON coz you didn't wanna stab him! LOL. Only Sarah can think of such things. tsk tsk.

By the way, you have very freakish dreams. Or nightmares.

shumei! said...

oh, yippedi doo dah is a disney song. From ... I can't remember where. One of the cartoons. I'll tell ya laterrrrrr

sarah said...

you just said youre name is hot!!
smooth mei.
gonna miss you mei!!

Afi said...

geometrical progression
is a good way
oh oh a new name for my tabung
im naming it
tabung afi ke bali
it rhymes hahah
what is happening to me man
lately all i see is $$

Monica said...

dahla tu. ppl that day wanna buy for you... who was is that was... er...FULL??? ish ish. btw I was just thinking about it this afternoon. I was like 'I owe sarah a mcflurry'. weird!!! lol. (: and who the hell had a party and didn't invite moi? you wanna get beaten up is it?? huh huh? *in a threatening kind of way*
and I just had coke. with ice.
are you spying on me???? :P
ok that was weird. high on coke. (what kind of coke? :P) and kit kat. er yeah. (:
the number thing.. ish ish. haha. nice lame line. :D
"harry potter. harry potter."
p.s.: sekejap la....... tak da masa la... :P
if I did get you a bowl of blood from a limping male elephant from the planet mars what would you do?
haha. kay now. stop crapping mon. sarah!!!! *freaky goofy smile*

Anonymous said...

awesome blog. absolutely loved it. btw don't forget that I'm coming over to your place this weekend. can't wait to see ya (:

Dougie Poynter said...

awesome blog. absolutely loved it. btw don't forget that I'm coming over to your place this weekend. can't wait to see ya (: