Thursday, 24 January 2008


the title makes it sound like im going to confess about commiting a murder.
[gasp] maybe i did.....
its actually muz punya confession.but i wont type it down of course.
i'll give a hint though. muz thinks that ________are ____!
haha.padan muka you muz. sampah masyarakat konon.
the picture of ronnie yang you so heboh tu...not hot oso?? were right about the picture!
haha. habislah...if muz reads this...habisla...tomorrow she will bombard mcfly with everything.

so guess what me, afi, and kai were doing this morning in class?
i told afi and kai about the word dougiefied. so we made up juddified ,dannyfied and the most brilliant one thought up by afi...fletcherized!
eventhough dougiefied is the best....heh.
fletcherized sounds nice.

so these are the equations..

sarah = dougiefied
afi = juddified
kai = dannyfied
sara,afi,kai = fletcherized [tom is a care and share product]
together we are the mcflyers!!or mcflyed!!!


no..not mcfries afi....

just to let you know. the back of my nametag have been updated.
if you wanna see...come look for meeee at 5D!!!!!!!

~never forget that jackasses of the same calibre flock together~

p.s. mon!!thanks for the note!haha.i love the front part!
p.s. ira!! nice hair wei!!!!so curly!
p.s. oh can pinjam my illustrator laaa....


Afi said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh iye
betul betul betul
fletcherize =]

and why not mcfries
it sounds like mcfly
ermmm a lil
oh and sarah nice banner

Shahira! said...

I like it!

Monica said...

rah rah!
apa ni. call tom a product? ish ish. hahahah (:
nice terms ppl. real awesome *thumbs up* lol!
fries.. good one afi! hahah!
btw anytime you wanna tentang muz with whatever it is you have against her, i'm with you!!! :P

Spazzomaniac said...

You make me crave fries!
Dougiehhhfiedd babyy
See my sudden change in emotion!
Yes, yes.
You can compliment my hormones! Lol
*hormone brings out champagne and makes me feel drunk!*
Hey! Maybe that's why people get spazzy.
Their hormones are drunk!