Saturday, 5 January 2008

first weekend baby!!!

well well well.
look who's here. its mr/mrs saturday!
welcome to the weekeennndddddddd!!

actually theres nothing much to say. except,
MEIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HOW COULD YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
if you wanna know the whole story go and ask that girl.

ok sarah.....[slaps self] get over it!!

so anyway. breaking news. my sting ray died yesterday. it ate a cleaning pill which coincidentally looked like his food. i know... tragic death.
RIP mr ray man sir!
we'll all miss you greatly.

so anyway.
the other day during class, me and afi got kinda bored so we each wrote a list of what we'd do if we were rich.
so here it is.

sarah's list of things to do if she were filthy rich (the edited version) :
1. buy mcfly
2. buy liverpool fc
3. buy all mcfly merchandise
4. buy all lfc merchandise
5. meet mcfly
6. buy a huge nice mansion for mum and dad
7. meet tom felton
8. omg, watch billy elliot the musical
9. buy over mph
10. buy michael owen for lfc
11. buy the production company of the twilight movie for mon(so that she can choose the correct edward)
12. be bestfriends with mcfly
13. buy a place in the uk
14. go to all mcfly concerts
15. take a nice pic with mcfly and make a huge poster of it
16. meet the potter cast
17. get a cool car
18. meet mcfly again
19. see b.e.t.m. again
20. donate to the needy

if i still have money after that i'd buy a jet plane and buy alan smith for muz.


ok i'd love to hang around but i have homework to do, two novels to read, textbooks to wrap and muffins to eat.
see ya around!!

save the chipmunks, save the world.



Monica said...

-a moment of silence for mr ray man-

what did mei do?
and OMG
like your list man. awesome! haha very poynter like. =D
hey when you're bestfriends with mcfly, don't forget to introduce me to them!!! HARRY!!! =D
Imagine them serenading you with a song. omg imagine they sang 'it's all about you' to you! *sighs and swoons* lol
no.20 is so noble of you. nice haha
sarah thank you!!! I have this like wide goofy grin on my face right now =D
you definitely know who I would choose for edward!!! woohooo!!! =D
I want muffin.. lol! =D

shumei! said...

It's official.
Sarah is an ANGLOPHILE!!! [read: Billy Elliot, McFly, Liverpool, Owen, Smith, Felton, Potter cast, home in UK??!]

There's only one solution man. Marry an Englishman! haha. A scouser to be exact.

Did it hurt? when you slapped yourself? lol. Kidding!!! So sorry man. But really, it wasn't like I didn't want to tell you. You didn't give me a chance!!! Ish. Ok, I'm over it!

And the Dougie countdown is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!! I should get myself one for Gerrard. or Toseland. hehe.

* oh, sorry to hear about Mr. Ray Man. He was a loyal pet and friend. His presence will be greatly missed. R.I.P.

Shahira! said...

sting ray passed away....
it was really fun staring at him when i'm at ur place.
that's so sadd....