Sunday, 13 January 2008

the highlord

so i finished the black magician's trilogy book 3 : the highlord yesterday.
it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!
i mean...the twist in the plot!!!
too bad that ceryni didnt end up with her.
anyway its
amazing man. you really should try it.

yesterday morning, i followed my sister to get a jab. it was for her keloid.
aww man. it looked like it hurt so bad.
so ladies and gentleman if you have any signs of a keloid, please do yourselves a favour and get rid of it fast.
when its still young and juicy and soft so it wont hurt too much.

wooohoooo. then we went to gurney to eat! and we even bought stringer cheese!
ahaaa. food is everything people.
speaking about food. i still havent eaten dougie yet. i should tho
it might dry up and dougie's face will be all wrinkled?!
o00..not really a nice thought kan.
i know he'd be old and all but still.......

this morning pulak, i ate the mango that mon gave me!
haha. first ever healthy breakfast, all because of monica.

and guess what? my dad redeemed the gym ball thingy?
you know the huge bouncy thingy? that ppl use to exercise and what not?
its so nice to bounce on you know.
and its silver!!
so you put it like in the middle of the room, then you start running from far then you immediately bounce on it.
woohoo. nice.
you can even do some superman stuns on it.
the only thing is that you have to put it right in the middle of the room where theres no obstacle.
coz you can like fall and break your jaw/backbone/arm/leg/get stitches and etc.
yes, it is THAT dangerous.
my cat is like majorly scared of the thing.
whenever we take him out of the cage, we immediately put him in the tv room coz since he's grounded he cant go out.
then the ball is in he'll like freak out and try to climb out of the window.

ahh well.

so just now, my dad's boss uncle richard came.
then my mum was taking out all the antique china stuff.
man.....i'm too scared to even touch it ok!
its soooooooo........fragile.

so i said to my mum, i thought all this is just for display.
then my mum say whats the point of buying if you dont use?
then, after the uncle and my dad go play golf, me and my mum nak makan the currypuff [sounds much nicer if i wrote 'karipap'. at least to me la]
which was on the antique plate.then my mum was all lets just eat from the plate.dont care la.
so then she baru put it on the table, then she suddenly went all paranoid and changed the antique with a normal one.
tsk tsk tsk.
baru wanna try and eat from an antique plate, and the oppurtunity was snatched away!
mothers and their china. can't seperate them!

oooh... and look at what picture i found!

so cute! bonding time, man! in t he words of simon,
its Snoop-dougie-doug and Har.
you dont see that with danny and tom do you?

oooh.. danny's birthday is coming. well not really. but yeah. kind of.

list of things that i should have done before school starts tomorrow:
1. read julia
2. read the pearl
3. finish bm homework
4. find pj pictures
5. find english articles
6. get started on agama folio
7. get started on sejarah notes
8. ponder about what i have been doing the whole weekend???????????

yep. i think thats it. i feel like such a slacker!
so people, i hope you become just like me!!!!! whoop whoop.
wow. i have the sudden urge to play the sims2!
oohhh...and my sister is out so i can use her laptop.
whoa. tempting.
and yesterday, we just finished our last microwave popcorn!
ahhh.. thats the life man.

so i have to go. do the things on the lists.
ish, i probably wont anyway.

"i think, therefore i am dangerous"


-Akkarin of the family delvon, house velan, ex-high lord of the magicians guild.
you made her a hostage, turned her into a black magician, make her kena exile together with you out of the
Allied Lands, tell her that you love her as much as she loves you, make her pregnant, then you just
DIE???????? what the hell is your problem?!


Afi said...

hahahah yeahhhhhh
harry always bonds with dougie
soo memilih kasih
but oh well rite
i like that picture
harry looks really ermm cozy
ok ok i should really get all my stuff together for tomorrow
haizzz school..

Monica said...

AWW!!! dougie and harry look so cute!
haha and congrats to dougie and mcfly on winning those awards!! WOOHOO!! LOL. hahah oh you have a bouncy thing?? haha ain't it fun? =D LOL oh and the china thing. lol! don't worry, you'll get your chance to use it one day. =D mangoes are a nice change from m&m's don't ya think? Mwahahahha! haha alright. tell me about the story tmrw kay! "suuuuuure." HEHEHEH. =P

shumei! said...

dougie looks so cute in that pic! haha. So chummy.