Friday, 11 January 2008


i hope the "whoopie" sounded happy or extremely happy or something.

well today someone came late to school. at around 11?
i wonder why? maybe its because a certain someone is the one who caused the lateness of the particular someone.
i wonder who? oh i dont own mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*mutters a string of colourful curses*
ugh. geram man. geram!


anyway.from now on, try to call asma by the name 'specimen'. it'd would totally make her day.

mei, mon and gen came over to the my house or what mei seems to call it, "cantonment road hotel",open untill 11pm.
we were supposed to go and watch a movie at gurney but got no more tickets so we decided to hang here instead. and watch a movie.
so anyway, all of us were staring at the dvds for so long and in the end guess what we watched?


awesome right? we watched will it blend! and what the buck.
hilarious stuff.
i even showed mon the blood sweat and tears video.

mei brought some dutch shortcake? or something.
so sedap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and of course mon brought me my supply of m&m minis. [you're killing me mon!]
and she also brought over a huge bag of m&ms. fuyoooooooo.

so goody goody gum drops!!

then we all sembang2. then watch youtube.
we watched taylor swift's video. and gen kept on going back to the part where the guy looks kinda hot.

then after everyone balik,
i ate, then went to physics tuition with asma a.k.a. specimen.
then right, in the car, asma was trying to fold the sun shade/screen thingy. then i was kinda laughing at her coz she looked like she was wrestling the thing.
then she gave it to me to fold la.
so i tried it didnt work!!
haha. what a blow off!!!!
thank god the second time it behaved itself. if not malu only right.........


so i was just browsing through the web.
and guess what? i actually found out that dj got a website!
then i looked at their merentas desa pictures!!
awww... the new baju!!!!!!! ahaha. i have one k!!
even tho i was actually in hebat, i bought an unggul one instead!
ahaha. go djians!!!eh, if got some more of those 'i went to smkdj' shirt, buy for me laaaaaa..
you guys ahhh... how am i suppose to continue my tshirt collection?

then i saw the prefects swearing in ceremony.
aha!!! nicole!!! i saaaaaaaawwwwwwww you..................

never thought you'd be up there holding the scroll in that *ahemweirdahem* manner.
remember how ALL of us use to make fun of them on stage?
*sigh* good old times eh ?

and justin loh! i thought got chan only...your partner in crime?
and i also saw that dude that always sit in front of me during exams.
i forgot his name.


doesnt matter la right.....

heres like a compilation of my school badges. but got a lot hilang already.

probably got eaten by some alien mothballs or something. you never know right.

and this is how the nowadays punya badge look like.

nice right? just admit it.

so enough thoughts for the day.

toodles babykins, munchkin, honeybuns, cuddlywuddly, doodlebug, snookums, tootsywootsy.

lets tango!!


" you cant save a damsel if she likes her distress"

currently reading the black magicians trilogy, book two: the novice!!

ahhhhhhhh... go and try!! so nice!!especially little ceryni.awwwwhhh...
say No to dorrien!


Afi said...

your house turned into a hotel
thats really interesting you know

our badge is like the it badge in town
or something haihhzzz
are we awesome or what

it all started with four very talented girls

Monica said...
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Monica said...

i'm currently typing with only one hand cuz the other holding mango =D
so interesting right??? anyway. M&M'S!!! WOOOOHOOOO! haha. hey its good
for the soul kay. =P HAha. got some stuff to show you. freaking hilarious!
hahaha. "i kill you!" you'll get it later on. =) more M&M's for the guesthouse pls! =P
"well well well!" nice dude. nice. haha