Friday, 22 February 2008

lamest jokest dayest the third

alammmaaaaakkk lamanya sudah tidak mem-blog.
rindunya saya terhadap kehidupan sebegini...

huh?? REWIND!!!!!!

yo yo yo wassup wassup my bloggers from some other computerzzzzzzzzzzzz..
dougie-lover in da house!!

Friday, 22nd February 2008
today is sukantara day.
fuYOOO...what a mucho-happening day!
after the running,lontar peluru-ing,lompat juah-ing and sarah&carol's cheering on cavell-ian-ings,going to vist weena at the sick bay, got shoo-ed away from the sick bay........
we all had the funnest day ever.

having "rimuk" partayy..
crashing 5jed's partayyy...stealing ice from them. stealing food from them.
theyre quite a reliable source for ice!

after hunting for food, a bunch of us went down to wait for 5akik's pizzas. [8 boxes, mind you!]
we started a game of charades where you have to, and i quote caroline, "be the thing."
meiyen did the weirdest thing ever where she had to be a book.
didnt seem to me like a book, man! :]

then continued to play untill the pizza arrived.
walked back to 5akik with the pizzas.
gave the 5A ppl some space to open their pizza in peace without some weird outsiders (us) menyibuk trying to get a piece.
heheh. but of course we all have we got to rasa also lah kan.
then we ate ice-cream.
man...all those stuff that i ate today, 90% of it were not mine! heheh.
i feel like a lalat.......buzzing around getting people's food.
sad really.
i think i gained weight from today. you'd think that because of the sukantara, i'll be like at least a little bit healthier. but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (russell peters style)

here is a list of:
What should not have been consumed BUT consumed anyway:
1. frankfurters. at home.
2. Mc Chicken
3. McFries
4. a healthy dose of coke (yes, the liquid kind)
* why oh why did i order the set?*
5. pizza!! from akik
6. ice-cream!! from akik
7. junk food!! from Jed
8. Zapple!! from Akik
9. nasi lemak!! at home!!!
whoever invented those stuff in the list should be shot. naahhh...not really.
the person should be hugged first, THEN no no...
the person should be hugged, shot, revived, hugged again, THEN shot.
yep. he should.

so after the food fest, the camera started clicking. took a cool picture at the stairs.
then near the stairs. where asma did the creepiest thing ever.
ahahha.. a seductive pose with a spoon?

nope..asma..not good for the image thing...
it was kinda funny though.

then we continued our game of charades, where we have get people to guess movie titles.
mon gave me Legally Blonde.
i was kinda psyched that i remembered a scene from the movie.
so i went "you gotta bend, and flex"
then they guessed it. but then apparently it was actually Bend and Snap.
wth right.. what a blow off!!

then mon and me and afi started to sing the one and only famous line from David Archuleta(the NEXT American Idol)!
"what a feeling.."

then the game turned into immitating teachers.
whoa.. theyre good at immitating.
meiyen did an awesome job of immitating pn. ******. it was hilarious.
with the armpit thing going on. ehehh. almost choke to death on a fry?fries?

then muz did a mr ***. with the whole package, "girl your work ahhh.." "girl! where's your book?"
{while pulling the collar and pushing up the glasses}

Alia'a, SarahS, Vicki all did some major immitating stunts. everyone laughed their butts off!

then came the most awesome part of the day!
the truth and dare session!!
it was great fun.
a bottle of used ice-cream soda bottle was used to spin the wheel.

then meiyen got it. she chose truth. *discussion of the truth will not be disclosed by blogger as it will break the rule of the T&D circle*

then Jan's turn.she chose truth. *discussion of the truth will not be disclosed by the blogger as it will break the rule of the T&D circle*

then it was Vicki's turn,she chose dare. omg! it was funny!! she was dared to do a sexy dance on an imaginary pole. heheh. but apparently, she prefers the door.

ahaha...i think a couple of juniors saw her. whoa!! GO VICKI!!!
i dont think i remember by sequence but this was it lah.

Alia'a, chose truth. *discussion of the truth will not be disclosed by the blogger as it will break the rule of the T&D circle*

Asma, chose dare. and hugged a random person. awwwwwwwww....

Ira, chose dare. and said to another random person that she have always liked her but never had the guts to tell her.. ooo00000..scandaloussssss.

SarahS. chose dare. heheh. hers is weLL funny! she wet her pants (with water) and went up to a girl and said.
"i peed in my pants, can i exchange pants with you?" haha. the girls expression was worth millions!

Muz, chose dare. ahahah. hers is weLL funny too! theres a table at the rock garden with girls sitting around it. so she went down and climbed onto the said table and started to cheer for herself!! woohoo!! that daredevil!!

Caroline, chose truth. *discussion of the truth will not be disclosed by the blogger as it will break the rule of the T&D circle*

Monica, chose dare. she went into some form1 class, stood on a chair, picked up a flower pasu and said sweeney todd style... "MY ARM IS COMPLETE!!!!"

hahaha.. the bunga jatuh!!!!!!! it was soo funny!!

then it was my turn. i chose dare. went into another form1 class, greeted the maggots and started to teach them crap. ( somehting along the lines of y=a+b+c+d. told ya it was crap)
apparently they were supposed to understand what i teach.
so i started to ramble something about red blood cell and whiteblood cell.
mannnn,,,they were blur.
so i decided on going back to basics and taught them..1+1 =????
then they said TWO!!! yayy!!!
mission completed!!

haha. had a blast.

i almost went for a round two of the dare game. (it changed to dare&dare game along the way)
but thennnnnnnn... add math calls. heh. damn the add maths teacher for being so rajin.
so i heard some great stories about the second round.
very nice!!!!!!!
but i'll leave that part to be told by the people who really DID participate in round two.

mannn to day was awesome!!
too bad kaiwen wasnt there. her duty calls...cheer camp in kl and all.

so in class during addmaths..doing definite integrals *rolls eyes*
mr add maths heard some cheering from the other block. then he went all... " how come our girls are so wild ah?"
siiiirrrrrrrr....have you just caught onnn????????
we were born wild!!!


so basically that was it la..
fun day for all.. "what a feeeling..."

Saturday, 23rd February 2008. (rat year!)
went for capoeira class today. i was kinda scared. heheh.
coz i didnt go for 2 weeks already. but nasib baiklah saya was great ass butt kicking fun!
went into the roda twice! [heheh.damn proud of my achievement]
then after that, went for lunch at sushi king and a shopping spree with mother and sister.

whoa-Ho. both of them seriously shopped till they drop!!
the only part that made me geram is when they were trying on shoes.
i cant share kasut with anyone ok!! its so unfair!
i have these gigantic feet.
i'm putting the blame on my dad for passing on the BIG FOOT GENE! (BFG)
i can get shoes in bigger sizes but then my foot will look like a bloody boat!!
a bloody Enormous boat.
*sigh* why oh why.......

so anyway, after shopping till dropping,,,,
while my mum went to some shop, i 'hang-ed' at the railing and started to people watch.
not a bad idea to pass your time if you ask me.
there was this one group of friends, they went up and down the escalators for so many times!!
all the way up then all the way down. wow.. i didnt know gurney was THAT boring.... -.-'

then, after, my sis and i went to buy mcD icecream!!

then we all balik with a bag of shoes, a lot of bags of baju, a belt, earrings, a bag, underwear and
some necklace thingamajig.
mine is just a letter. the letter S to be exact.
im thinking of another letter to buy..heheh.
guess what letter??

so anyway. balik then practice capoeira again.
swallow some grass during the process.

what an aventful weekend yea?
but do not fear for the weekend have not ended!!!!!!
*weekend man flew straight through the roof of no1 cantonment road and says "i come from the Land of Funnest Weekendest! and i am here to save the weekend! jeng jeng jennnggggg...*

yay! go mr weekend man!
tomorrow is the walk for life.
yep.should be fun.

well,,,,,i should go and start sticking pictures for the folio before teacher really gives us an amaran!

" razor, in the july and dips" - sak quote.

p.s. if you wanna know about the T&D in detail go and visit Alia'a punya blog!
p.s. revive, hug and SHOOT!! revive, hug and SHOOT!!

p.s. support DAvid Archuleta! (the next American Idol!)
p.s. muz and mei dah TUA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heheh. happy birthday peeps!


Anonymous said...

hey!mana ade tua...17 only wat..
btw..wats capoeira-sumthing class?wat is about??? ~mrs.ronnie~

Monica said...


"What a feeling..." =D
*screams like a obsessed fan*

did you see that screaming fan? like, sheesh.. get a break, girl.. david's only like... the NEXT AI. Like, DUH.
capoeira... Woo!
I wanna join it... for certain reasons... if you know what I mean. :D :D :D :D



didn't ajak me go shopping ah... i'm disappointed in you. really. I am.

in heaven... :D :D :D

enough, mon. you're freaking people out.