Friday, 14 March 2008


hello! [david cook style] *is it me you're looking for plays in the background*
its been long. sooo long.
the last post was in FEBRUARY!
oh the horror. faints.

now is the holidays.
more like the end of the one week holiday. sad really.
i find that this holiday is the most un-productive holiday ever.
and to think that i'm sitting for SPM this year. wow.

im soooooooo proud of myself. *rolls eyes*
*rolls eyes some more*


*sees right eyeball start rolling under the table*
*gets eyeball and tries to shove it in the socket*


*dips eyeball in sugar water*
*shoves eye in*


eye+sugar water = eye candy!!

the whole holiday i've been doing nothing but watch youtube, watch pirated DVD's, eat microwave popcorn and went for a mean shopping spree with my mum and sister.
i did nothing school related except during tuition time and my agama folio and the library time.

wait. WHAT??
yes. i did went to the library. under the dark influence of Afi the Juddified of course.
but do not fear.
i only went to the dark side for at least five minutes thatn i started to think about the
birds and the bees and the lions and the lambs and roses and the clouds.
yep... i was THAT distracted.
i read bio for a few minutes then i looked around round round round round (across the universe style)

then, afi and me went upstairs and started to look at a book about loveletters written by all the old famous people.
there was theodore roosevalt (damn.did i spell it right?) , mozart and some other people.

some dude started his letter to his wife like this,

dear ...something...,
i cannot possibly love you anymore. i detest you.

huh. twisted. i know.

then we looked at art books. and flipped through a german dictionary.
and i saw the word aufwiedersen and thought it was iloveyou but it was actually goodbye.
what a freaking blow off.

-----we interrupt this blogger moment to fit in a SHOUTOUT!-------

this shout out is dedicated to my friend SHAHIRA SHAFIE!!!
Happy birthday woman!
when you gonna drive me around???


okay then.
so to sum up about the things that i ws supposed to blog about but havent.

Sports DaY 08 ~ was the BOMB
Walk FOr LIfe 08 Youth Park ~ was the BOMB
RElay For Life 08 Youth PArk ~ was the BOMB!!!!!!!!!

how nice.
haha. it was definitely shizzle manizzle ( dougie style)
that definitely summed everything up eh?

we definitely should go for Relay again next year and actually stay the night.
WOOOHHH. would be awesome.

Sports Day!
the last sports day that i'll ever attend.

carol, sarah and weena

carol, mon, weena, sarahS and afi

jeng jeng jeng.

blehhhhh. whats to miss eh? the sore throat from screaming, the sun burn, the mass of BO and sweat, the not so appetizing food.
wow. i sound like a freaking sadist.
but you can't deny that can you? can you?
yup. thought so!

so then. this holiday.
i've been having beatles mania!
i've watches Across The Universe for about 4 times!
ahh. i'm crrrraaaaaaazzzzzzzzyyyyyyy over it!!!
it is Uh-MaYY-ZZinGGG..

especially the bowling alley part where Jude starts to sing I've just seen a face.
haha. nice
PLUS. Jude is from Liverpool. (he even had a This Is Anfield poster)
no asma, it is not a "hippie" movie okay.
you just gotta love the beatles eh?

then some more, during AI, it was songs from the LENON/MCCARTNEY SONG BOOK right?
rock on man!
amazing stuff.
i wont say anything about ----- though.
haha. but yeah. still a fan!

then i also read dougie's blogs. and in dougiefied forum about dougie's amazing weird/funny quotes.
laughed my ass off while reading.

1. I was always the worst at rugby and football. I only enjoyed girly things like trampolining and
long jump.

2. On a sexiness scale, I'd give myself two. You have to rate yourself low, man.

3. Thats Demetri, the rhino iguana, he does about ten poos a day and wipes it on the glas, just to
anger me really.

4. When girls go to the toilet, why can't you ever hear them wee? its magic.

5. Zukie is jealous of our success. The fame of being my lizard has gone to his head.

6. Hey guys, wouldnt it be funny if we all had epilepsy?

huh. wow. he's weird.

so guess what?
i went shoppping with my mum and sis at queensbay yesterday.
i looked up the meaning of shopping.
and this is what i got.
Shopping is the examining of goods with intent of purchase.
i bet if i actually went through with the examining part and no straight to the puchasing part, i wouldnt be broke.
bought a few tshirts a bag school shoes aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnddddddd a magazine.
mind you the magazine cost rm18.
yep. should have "examined."
but i bought it fo a good reason tho.

it was a Top Of The Pops magazine.
yep. the very one with individual McFly posters in it.
heh heh heh.
yep. i'm not joking.
nope. not joking at all.
*sigh* things i do for them.
in the magazine there was quite a weird part where they show pictures of celebs snogging their respective partners. { the title of the page is GET A ROOM!}
nothing weird you say?
one picture is doug kissing harry's cheek.
(shut up. it's called brotherly love)
the caption says...
HARRY MCFLY's beefed up security team had let him down again. That pesky stalker-fan ws supposed to have been dealt with.

WTF!!!!!!!!thats dougie lahh you freak!!
get your freaking facts right.
as a dougie fan i can tell you with a 100% confidence that that is doug in the picture.
moron. you should spare yourself the shame and retire you effing unprofessional magazine writer.

now thats out of the way.
i shall back off in peace.

see ya around!!

p.s. Across the Universe is a MUST WATCH.
and Step UP 2
and Death At A Funeral. (mindless brit dry humor. LovE IT)

and i quote Calvin from the Calvin And Hobbes Comic STrip ,
" Life is Short. Party Naked. "


Noor Aida said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Noor Aida said...

heyy sarah!!!
omg i pun nak the magazine!!
its so cool!!
who cares if it cost 18 bucks rite...

Afi;juddiefied said...

i miss school
eeeeee wait that did not sound rite
i miss other stuff
heh lol weird

Anonymous said...

i nak across the universe!!!!!!!!!!
u have ????
i've been longing to watch the movie since forever kot!!!!
wait...masa mei was here pun i wanted to watch...haish..
remember mase we went to watch enchanted???....haih...
y so many sighs??...haish,..nminela...
but if u have bawa k!!!

p/s:damn!my comment is very long!hehe...

Anonymous said...

sorry..terlupa nak tulis nama...

dat was muz btw..

aka mrs.ronnie(do u no that ronaldo is actually 23 this year???)

so sad...hw on earth i could've mix up his age wei!!!???



Monica said...

ronnie *puke*
*grin* <-- dead giveaway to my identity apparently *glares at person beside*

Steven strait *swoon*
10 000 BC. no comments.

"do not eat me when I save your life!"

=D faham faham la kan? :D

yeah I agree with the bombing part. the events being the bomb, i mean, not literally.

I'm looking for a gem. leave me alone. (ss)

After (ten thousand years) years, :D, I've finally discovered the goodness of oreo mcflurry!!!

I blame you for not revealing that oh-so good dessert to me in the first place. :D

Look away sarah. You're making me uncomfortable. (hint, cough, hint, cough)

I'm with you in the hating the person who wrote that AWFUL awful quote about harry and dougie. It's dispicable really. pffftph.

you're still looking at me.

*deep rough voice* OKAY!

omg I hear it.

I will leave you now, to eat cheese with roti canai. :D do you think if I steal the remote your sis will leave the tv room?

*runs off*

shumei! said...

I find it so funny that muz forgot to put her name. lol. she is so weird. And Ronnie does NOT belong to you. His name makes me wanna throw up!

You guys look like you're having a blast! i didn't know sports day was so fun. :(
And that long long long holiday! I want one really really badly.

I haven't watched across the universe yet. YET. But i will. Coz that dude Jude (hey, it rhymes!) supports the MIGHTY REDS! heh. got carried away. Man, i hope they kick Arsenal's ass in the champions league! And I hope Kimi does the same to Hamilton!

Dougie's so funny! hilarious man. So did you fall for his wit or his body? both, I'm guessing!

I don't care, when i come back, you are SHOWING ME THE MAGAZINE. and that's that. no argument.