Saturday, 15 March 2008

10,000 BC ~a tribute to mrs str...monica~


oo00oo.. definitely tempted you to watch the movie right?
amazing catch phrase!
the legend. the battle. the hero.
i'm not being sarcastic. i'm not!

so the movie is not bad if you ask me.
i went to watch it this morning. with dear ol' monica caroline shenton the
steven strait lover.
yes. she was barely getting it together.
extremely nervous.
palms sweating.
nervous giggling every few minutes.
butterflies in tummy.
random grins into space.
random omg-ing during conversations.
got pissed when the there was sound loss during the adverts.
whacked the innocent person sitting beside her a couple o times.

THOSE are the symptoms of steven straitigitis.

haha. so
the movie had some laughable moments.
hard to believe? thought cave mans ( prehistoric people sounds better) didnt know how to joke?
well believe it!

when D'Leh (pronounce as d-lay) ate the chilli (yes, he actually ate chilli. cili hidup weiii)
he ate the bugger then when the spicyness finally kicked in, he
kept on hiccoughing. so adorable.
weird. but adorable.

and when he was called "the one who speaks to the spear tooth"

and when he told the said saber tooth tiger to not eat him when he frees it.
haha. now THAT is what i call comic relief.

so now the pros and cons of the movie.
1. Steven Strait. [duhh?? the man is FIT]

especially the picture on the left. smmoookkiinnnn'

2. Steven Strait!! [ ditto ]

look at how happy he is of the movie? we can't deny his happyness can we?

3. the L.O.L moments in the movie

4. Baku!! the awesome kick ass kid in the movie!!

5. the names of characters such as D'Leh, K'aren (pronounced as k'aren as in blackCurrent)
Tic Tic and Tutt Tutt

6. the chilli part!!

7. the part when he tried to make a joke about his age with the tribe dude

8. the cute little (yeah, right) chubby mammoths!

CONS : {don't worry there is only two}
1. the part when the Old Mother gave her spirit to Evolet who was probably millions of milds
away. thats REALLY lame man. there are MANY others ways to make her not die.

2. when the young D'leh told young Evolet that she was like the star in his heart or something
like that, that would never stop shining? something like that la.
i kept on waiting for D'Leh to suddenly jump up and start to sing
All you need is Love by Beatles.
"All you need is LOVE,
All you need is LOVE,
All you need is LOVE, LOVE,
Love is ALL you need!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Heheh. not that much of a con don't you think?

anyway. it was a nice movie.
go and watch!! don't let *ahem* down!!!!!!!!


see ya!
ALL HAIL 10,00 BC!!!


now a quote from Across The Universe.
from Dr Roberts a.k.a. Bono U2.

" We're navigators, we're aviators, eatin' taters, masturbatin' alligators, bombardiers, we got no fears, won't shed no tears, we're pushin' the frontiers of transcendental perception. "

yep. i don't get it too.


Anonymous said...

i tot the movie suckd!!hehe...

nmine...i think the smiley face of erm..u get it la..i dun wanna say his name...luks like a retard..(no offens mon!)..mcm tak pernah senyum..hehe..
he is still a keding!(helloooooo...the picture leaning on the wall!!wat is DAT??!!)..well...dat's an aneroxic man!..haish...
accept je la monnnn,....hehe..

there u go!dats pretty long for a comment...


Monica said...

I thought I would be the first one to comment... ):
I had this goofy grin on my face, seriously, after I finished reading your blog I was still smiling like crazy (luckily my mom's in the other room) but it vanished just like that -snap- when I read muz's comment.

muz, you suck.

Jeez, thanks muz. you sure know how to let me have my moment. you could have fired me on monday i wouldn't care but today? -shakes head-

omg sarah I LOVE YOU!!!

and I'm not just saying that.

I was like laughing and smiling all the way... freaky, I know... and the pics! omg you actually searched?! i have that pic, the one on the left one? -fans self- now, that's a pic worth looking twice. or more. =D

I didn't know you realized my random grins into space during the movie... -smiles sheepishly- hehheh... oh well

glad you were there to be my punching bag!!! *grin* <-- yeah yeah, I know.

lol seriously i'm so touched that you actually did all that! hahaha

Baku! =P

I agree with the cons, though =P even I am not that deluded. =D

omg I feel like hugging you right now. this deserves another mcflurry, don't you agree? -raise eyebrows- :D :D :D

Shahira! said...

Baku is hot....
Really hot.
okay fine, he's gonna grow up and be hot.
now, he's just cute.

sarah said...

Go Baku!!!!!!!