Saturday, 12 April 2008

power chef 2008 and PARANAUE

hello hello.
welcome to the weekly udpate of life and times of s.lee.p.
dont touch that remote control as we have a lot of amazing things to talk about during the show.

of course...........................................

*awkward silence*

well then. lets get this show on the row!!

we went for a cooking competition!!
a cooking!!!competition!!! was the was total gangsta's paradise style.

we includes caroline vicki monica janina weena kai meiyen and myself.
there are two people in one team, so we make up...

THE RISOTTOS -monica and sarah

SCRUMPTIOUS - kai and meiyen

THE JUMPIN' JELLYS - carol and vicki

LA CHE YUM YUM - jan and weena

it was held at kdu penang campus.
the whole event dijalankan oleh kdu.
first time ever held in penang campus.
usually every year in damansara.
it was called POWER CHEF.

the risottos and la che yum yum fortunately made it untill top15.
thats quite okay if i say so myself.
scrumptious made it to top10.
and the jumpin jellys made it to the finals!!
woohoo. so proud of yah.
so proud of all of us.
we did quite well for people who cant cook.
since im very lazy to tell about the stuff the contestants had to do,
lets just skip to the winners ok.

third place went to team Wasabi. ------> theyre dudes!! woohooo!!
2nd place went to team OK. -------> theyre chicks
grand prize went to team Eunomia ----------> dudes!! whooH. future audee cheah??
according to The Star, they, Eunomia cooked up a storm.

heh heh.

they won a trophy each, rm800!!!! and an mp3 each.
they prizes are awesome!!

but even if none of us won.
we're extremely happy.
wanna know why?????

its because........

we got a goody bag, a certificate of participation, a really nice t-shirt, an apron

free lunch!!!!

and let me tell you.


the food is amazingggggggggg.
there was mash potato. some pasta salad kind of sauce.lasagna.couscous!!soup.garlicbreadsticks.a damn whole lot of different types of pasta.
and DESERT!!!


there was this thing. this strawberry biscuit dunno what thing.
it was amazing! it was the bomb. i ate three.
you greedy greedy girl.
hey its not my fault that its so good.

oh. i forgot to mention about the host of the whole thing.
well he............needs hosting classes.
sheesshh.attempting jokes yang tak menjadi pulak.
all of us felt like smacking him.
this is how it was like.

freakyhost : tells a lame ass joke.
audience : stares blankly.

this is how it was suppposed to be.

awesome host : tells joke
audience : laugh untill we roll on the floor clutching stomachs and bangs head to leg of chair.

yeah. definitely.
okay. enough about POWER CHEF 2008.
you know everytime i read that or hear that : POWER CHEF 2008,
i expect some one to jump out from behind a pillar and start to do some freaky arm movement thing like ultraman and say POWER CHEF!!

now seriously. moving on.
on friday, we had our class was the bomb.
it was "fo shizzle my nizzle" the best everrr.
hehe.probably exaggerating a bit.
anyway. i got to sit in front!
for the first time evr in my life!!
ive never sat in front before.
even since in kindy.
anyway. i did it!
i sat in front.
and then we had a countdown to go to our informal pose.

so this is what meiyen, kai, afi and i managed.
well thats how i imagined it to be. heheh.

yep. thats how i think we looked like.
the bench is just half because. you know.
aiya. you know lah.

and this picture. i digitally (hahahhahah) coloured it.
so you can see a bit of afi's arm sling. hehe.
the first picture tak perasan sangat right?
and take a load of the mcfly paper kai is holding.
omg. can u imagine? the name McFly will forever be imprinted in our
school magazine!!
AHHHHHHHHHH,,,i cant wait to see it. i hope its visible though.

and this morning. capoeira time!
haha. i always have something to say about class.
well today. i learned how to play the berimbau(this bamboo/wire/coconut shell/stone/tiny bag thing of pebbles and a thin wooden stick contraption) and the pandeiro!!
bloody shit the berimbau is super hard to play.
it looks so easy.
but noooooooooooooooooooo.
and if the wire kena your finger. fuuYYOOoo.. sakit...
the pandeiro which is the tamborine. is quite easy to play.
but once you start singing also..WhooHH. you forget everything. hahahha
the only thing yang belum try is the atabaque. which is like a drum? i guess?
anyway. class was the bomb!! despite the out of breath moments. and i feel like dying feelings.
i love it!!

then i downloaded some capoeira songs.
whooohh.. love it. so nice. hahah
and my sis found the lyrics and translation and stuff.
the lyrics are sometimes quite funny.
sounds like a chant for some cult right??

almost all the songs are like about how obsessed a person gets about capoeira.
its real funny.

thats it for the weekly update.

p.s. watch kevjumba. funny dude.



Monica said...

since 2008. <-- lol ;)
*some dude jumps out from behind a pillar and starts to do some freaky arm movement thing like ultraman and says POWER CHEF!!*
WOW. wasn't that shocking???
We rock... -cough-
omg I can just eat the food all day ;P
and dude.
your drawing so freaking cute okay! comel gila like wth. ;D

MEIYEN said...

Ohmygoddddd, the little us you drew, cute gila la wei! :D :D Haha. Oooooh ooooh, and I love that strawberry thingo too! So totally yummy kan. I miss the food there. :(

shumei! said...

i miss you :(