Sunday, 18 May 2008


wow. its been a while eh?
im so breaking my sort-of-vow of not blogging until exam is over.
but here i am.
doing what i wasnt supposed to do.
feeling guilty. but what the heck.

lets get on with it.
everyday when anything happen i always think about how i should blog about this.
and after two weeks.
i forgot everything already.
damn it.
that sucks a bit.
you sort of like draft it out in your head but the good for nothing sort-of-vow just had to be there.

welllllllllll the most recent thing is..................................
my dad had a minor operation,.
i went to the hospital everyday after school to check him and mum out.
haha. thats weird eh. different.
he got a damn whole lot of flower-fruit baskets.
and now he keep insisting that he's helping the economy.
sure dad. sure. keep telling yourself that. *menggeleng kepala*

my sis and i had to carry the flowers to the car.
i swear people were looking at us like we were the notorious flower bandits. haha
does'nt sound like a much impressive name eh?
anyway. i helped my mum to clean up all the flower things.
help her dry the flowers and stuff.
i keep on telling my mum that we can now start a flower shop, a basket shop, a fruit shop, a fancy paper shop, a ribbon shop and a card shop.
pretty impressive eh?
but nooooooooooooo. she just had to spoil all the fun.
i was thinking moneymoney money and she was thinking about the greater good.
damn it.

speaking of mothers.
specifically my mother.
on her birthday. dad brought us to eat at the restaurant called 32. thirty two?
something like that la.
the restaurant won the best restaurant 2007? i think.
not entirely sure.
awesome though. i ate australian or is it newzealand? grain fed beef tenderloin.
medium rare. medium rear?medium. shit.
my english is bad.
anyway. whatever.
its a really nice restaurant. like a really really nice restaurant.
so yeah.
if you wanna treat someone special. go ahead. bring em there.

and and and and.
mcfly got a new song!!!!!!!!!
cant wait for their fourth album.
its gonna be stelllllllarrrrrrrrrrrrr.

and i have loads more to say.
but i should go.
and sleep.
until after exam then.



aida said...

i know,
'everybody knows' is AWESOME!!!
i cant wait for the album too...
im so excited!!!

afi said...

i am proud to say
i have listened to it and
i watched izzy too.
she's not bad

Monica said...

DANG IT. I just realized I didn't listen to their new song when I came over!!!