Wednesday, 28 May 2008

super crazy guitar maniac deluxe 3!!!!!!

oh yeaaaaaaaah!! this is the life baby!! im loving the holidays. at least just for now.
started a bit on the homework. yes. keyword : A BIT
then been non-exercising my butt by sitting on this blasted chair for hours on end for two days straight.
only moving to eat, sleep, pee, do number two.
yep. definitely the life. no tuition and all. i'm enjoying this week till it ends!

so i've been watching this japanese drama. haha. the first i've ever watched in my life.
wow. their hair!! i can just imagine the amount of hours everyday in front of the mirror and the amount of hairspray and colour dye!haha.
a japanese drama! its hilarious. no shit. its called gokusen. heard of it?
its a manga turned drama.
so its basically about this lady who is the fourth generation sucessor of her "family business" which is i think some sort of mafia-like thing. they call it yakuza?

well. whatever lah. she does not want to continue the business but want to be a teacher instead. but her first students ever happen to be this really really evil (not really lah) bad undisciplined bunch of kids that the school tak pernah can control.

then basically the story is about her and the students lah right.
but its so funny, because they kinda make it like very dramatic especially in her part always like berangan and whatever.

then of course theres the kids, their supposed to be seniors of that highschool.
there is sawada shin who is like really hot. and he's the sort-of leader in the whole pack.
he's character is kinda very cool coz he acts very cool.heh. very i-dont-give-a-shit attitude.

so then she will also like fall in love with this policeman dude, shinohara, and this shinohara punya partner is like really in love with her.
and her henchman, tetsu, is also in love with her.
so at the sort-of ending, the 3 of them like had an agreement to fight over her. then heres the twist.
[dum dum duuummmmm]
sawada came onto the screen and said, make it the four of us.

then anyway. got the second season.this is what pisses me off. in this second season, theres no more sawada, no more shinohara, no more freaky partner.
then its like tergantung lah the story line up there right?
damn. stupid writer person. damnit. i want sawada to be there.
sawada needs to be there!
sawada is like the cheese on the pizza.
he's the ink in the printer.
the strings on the guitar!
the fly in mcfly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the john in travolta!!!!!!!!
the freaking ball in football for gods sake!!!
huh. ok enough obsession sarah. not healthy.
so getting over that, in season two. got a new bunch of kids.
instead of only one leader like sawada, there are two leaders.
whats their name? i forgot. soooo basically,, what i wanted to say is. the two fella...
one fella looks like sawada(the hair and all) but doesnt act like sawada.
the other acts like sawada but doesnt look like bout that?
sawada divided into two!

and heres the cool part. theres one dude. dunno his name also..
he looks like CHARLIE FROM BUSTED!!!!or shall i say charlie from fightstar!
seriously!no joke!
the height, the hair, the sense of style. he's like a japanese speaking charlie!
awesome ey??
i couldnt stop staring at him. not my fault that he's seriously a head taller than the rest! stands out like an imac in a public restroom.
okay.bottom line is gokusen 1 is much better then the second.

okay. then i've also been playing SUPER CRAZY GUITAR MANIAC DELUXE 3!!!!!!!
bloody shit!
it is the awesome-est online game i've ever played!
go and play it! go! GOOOOOOOO.
its like guitar hero apparently.but what pisses me off is when you know you miss a few hits.
and you lose your combo things. and then the voice will go WEAK!
i mean, how mean can you get?
but if youre good, it will go YOURE A MANIAC!!!!
if you play SCGMD2, it will go OH MY GOD! haha. seriously.
go and try it anyway. here is the link. SUPERCRAZYGUITARMANIACDELUXE3!

and of course. monday was the day.
the day i turned into a woman. *coughcough* heh. i doubt it.
wouldnt be playing a bloody guitar game and drooling over sawada if it is true ey?
haha. happy 17th to me!!
hehe. thank you so much to all the peeps who wished me!
i love you guys so much!! thanks ey?!
to teohshumei!!thanks for calling you bundle of joy you. heheh.
o0. and to my sistah from the same mothah! thanks for the present. it is awesome shit i tell yah!
and to afi! omg dude! the card! you sicko!
i love it so much!
doug looks mucho hottness!
o0. and to kak tasha who is my 26th of may birthday buddy!!!
happy birthday to you woman!!heheh.

okay. i think thats about it la. that i wanted to blog about.


p.s. to all those who have been summoned to play the guitar better go and play ok!
heheh. carol, mon and jan. you better ahhh.
p.s. to mei yang berada jauh di australia! matthew mcfadyen (fine! its d-y) is definitely the one
and only mr darcy!!! :)


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shumei! said...

Kelvin? wth. haha


sarah said...

mei...about that kelvin person...i find it freaky too.

about mr darcy...

we'll never get tired of this i think.
the hotter mrdarcy(which is mcfadyen) shall prevail!!