Friday, 30 May 2008


sangkut already.....habis lah...
this is bad. i absolutely positively one hundred percently no turning back-ly am stuck.
its like someone put some extra extra adhesive glue onto this oh-so-comfortable computer chair.
this is why we need parents supervision at home. why??this BOLD statement?
for me.. no parents=no nagging=constantly stucked butt in front of computer=pigsty of a room=non scheduled eating time.
heheh. well. i dont know what i'm complaining about. the parental units have been gone from tuesday,
away to kL.

ok. lets just change the topic shall we then??
basically what i wanted to say is i'm supposed to stop after gokusen.

but nooooooooo. i blame my sis really. heheh. she's been asking me to watch this show since ever.
its called hana kimi (the japanese version) which is also another manga turned drama.

awesome shit wei!!!!!!!!! i mean. its so funny.
anyway.the dude from the show, oguri shun? i think? also acted in gokusen!!!
heh heh heh.

amazing how the things i like sometimes ada kaitan with each other.
like the hana kimi dude is like best friends with the gokusen dude (SAWADA! a.k.a matsujun)
they acted together and stuff.

then all the brits- which is mcfly! owen! felton(<--- shut up, ira and muz!) heheh.
then the dancers - chucky klapow! aaron renfree!

see where i'm going with this??
haha. so anyway. did you guys know that the sawada/jun dude is like a member of a jpop band. is that what you call em?
yeah well they're called arashi.
heheh, i bet aida knew that.

so of course i've been surfin the net about them especially jun. *snicker*
and i watched a couple of videos on youtube.
man...theyre like real entertainers i guess.
and the concert hall is like huge i tell you! like massive!
and theyre the type that sing, dance, wear uniformed outfits and stuff.

i mean like check this vid out ok. just check out how their stage moves. as in travel around the whole place!

Arashi - Love So Sweet
i mean how sick is that?? haha. guess which one is matsu jun? heheh.

and look at this ok.
how bloody cool is that? i mean... i WOULD pay to watch a concert like that ey?
wouldnt you? it'd be better if i understood what theyre saying.
but hey. still looks damn freaking cool.
o00. and i'm sure his armpits hurt though. muahahahaha.
guess who is the dude who flew? heheheh.

o0.and look what i just found!
that is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so anyway.
enoough is enough i think. we'll just have to wait for the next parentless escapade.
haha. probably after spm. hehehe.
i watched enough amount of gokusen and hana kimi to last for a loooong long time.

but its nice. so its ok. like i said. awesome shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~sarahheartsD~ <---omg. scary!
~sarahLP~ <--- is it getting worse?

oh well.
see ya suckers!

p.s. mei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!matt=mr darcy ----> colin=who?


shumei! said...

so you finally admit that it's mcfaDYen and not mcfaYDen?! lol. I think Colin Firth should legally change his name to Colin Darcy, Suits him much better! I don't have anything against Matt, but Colin is just so Darcy! You read the book, and the first image of Darcy is COLIN FIRTH. It's like Jane Austen somehow KNEW that Colin was gonna star in the film adaptation of her book ( forget the fact that she lived 300 years before him).

sarah said...

no way dude!! its obvious that its matt!!
and did'nt you watch becoming jane?
the hero dude in the movie is apparently where she got her mr darcy idea.
i dont know how that would help me win this fight, but yeah!

matt still is mr darcy!

shumei! said...

have you seen becoming jane? i heard it's a sad story. well, obviously it has a sad ending coz Jane Austen died single! and the guy is James McAvoy!!! lol.

Colin is Mr. Darcy and that's the final word.

sarah said...

eh of course lah i've watched becoming jane!
dude, they like ran away with each other already.
then she was nice and let him go.
dammit right?
what to dooooooooooo.

but anyway. doesnt james mcAvoy remind you of someone?
like matthew mcfadyen perhaps?

well. who has the final word now??
matt definitely is mr darcy.

Shahira! said...

Matsumotojun!! =D

Afi said...

sarah sarah
getting addicted ey

aida said...

sarah i've watched hana kimi dee. but i prefer the taiwan punya version better.the guy in japan punya version not cute. i have a friend yang memang gila-gila suka arashi..

sarah said...

what the hell?
the japanese one is much much much better!!
the taiwanes one even the names are funny. hehe. not that im saying anything.
japan one better!!

Anonymous said...

bila mase u addicted to these japanese stuff???
nice ar??
to me...they all luk the same...
mate,rambut...the whole thing la... lost :(


Monica said...

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e!!!
i'm hooked because of you! although i have never watched it, but you're a good storyteller! ;D sano! flower boy! oh and i've seen oguri's pic. *cliffhanger*
see you!

ALL HAIL KING PETER! :D Carol's barned. ISH. :D

James McAvoy! ;P

sarah said...

eh.he like not bad looking whaaaat.......
mon ni.
only in some certain pictures mcm freaky
kan.but wth i like without any cliffhangers.

Anonymous said...

Try watching Nodame Cantabile - you'll laugh your bottoms off for sure.

Then watch Hana Yori Dango - you'll find the awesome Matsumoto Jun (Squeals!) and Oguri Shun acting there.

If you're interested in animes, I would recommend Ouran High School Host Club - it is highly entertaining.

Mind you I watched all these two weeks before my SPM trials. =P

Have fun watching. Go watch, go watch!!!