Sunday, 5 October 2008

pack jangan tak pack!

i'm back from malacca!
raya is the best as always.
jumpa all my cousins, aunts, uncles, grandma, grandad.

so before balik kampung we singgah-ed in damansara from saturday till monday.
stayed at our new apartment in tropicana.
its called casa tropicana!
block D level *tooot* unit *tooot*
(can't exactly go into details now huh?)

so anyway. the place is awesome!
its small and cozy.
love it.
it has a swimming pool downstairs.
and a gym.
and secret recipe is right downstairs.
fun fun fun.
the best part of it is actually the balcony coz we actually have a quite nice view.
especially at night.

bright huh?

crazy huh? how it can be so bright and congested.
anyway. i like it.
its sort of quiet actually.
coz we were way up high.
and breezy.
i actually fell asleep on the balcony.

and i f you look closely, theres a floating bunch of light.
apparently it's genting!!
hahah. some nights you cant see it at all.
let alone during the day.

this is the golf course.
syok man. sit at the balcony laughing at the ppl playing golf.
secretly saying things like "you suck"
evil evil.

and this is our temporary fridge!
the fridgemaster!!
cute right?
it can only fit two small mineral bottles.and some candy bars.
if you put only coke cans in there, you can put around 8 i think.

memang nicelah that place!

during the whole stay asyik go shopping only.
one utama. ikea. ikano. one u again.
coz its so near kan?
so why not?!

guess what?
in ikano, kan nowadays got the animal things that can move around for the kids that one?
alaaa. you know... the one in front of gurney punya food court tu.
put the ones in kl are like twice larger then the ones here in gurney.
so in ikano.
we say this couple.
they got two kids lah.
so they paid for two animals.
and then the parents also duduk sama with the kids!
so adorable ok.
the pusing the whole level. so cute.

then i saw another father also bawak his daughter lah.
but he looked so embaressed.
macho lah sikit dude.
its ok to ride a PINK elephant!

then there's this party shop.
its amazing!
they sell the most coolest things ever.
got pinatas ok!
and then got all the most absurd sweets yang you'd think you'll never find.

so apa lagi...........borong.
but mahal la. i saw the wonka bar.
ugh. mahal gila. no way im gonna spend that much money. baik i buy cadbury.
kalau tak. bocor pocket.

the gobstopper sweet is amazing. jawbreakers.
and beside it is actually another wonka sweet called nerds.
sedap wei.

and i even bought some brain shaped gummies!
mojo jo jo??!

then after all those fun stuff.

O0 o0 oO...BALIK KAMPUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!
the balik kampung one in the next post lah.
i need to pee.




Kai The Stupendous said...

I have nerds in my fridge nowww! Nyeh nyeh nyeh :P :P LOL.
OMG JAWBREAKERS! So bloody hard weii, like it never ends :D Ahhh willy wonka, the true genius. Really :D
*builds a shrine* :O

Monica said...

I've never tried any of those willy wonka-ish candies! ): I feel so left out *sniff* hahahhah :P :P

dude the view is awesome!!! :D

let's make a pinata. oooooh :D mesti nicer than those ones in that 'party shop'. pshh. cause we're gooooood *cough* :D :D :D