Monday, 15 December 2008


guess what guess what guess what?!

the best band ever ever ever to ever exist in the whole wide world, a.k.a. MCFLY performed on Miss Worlds 2008.

the only thing i wanna know is how come our beloved ASTRO didn't show it?
isn't that weird.
i always thought that usually they show miss world live!?
or is it another pageant?
sigh the time that mcfly perform on miss world lah is the time that astro decide not to show it.
they sang lies and the always ada 5 colours in her hair.
i can't find a picture of them performing.
but i shall describe it to you.
all of them looks amazingg!
looking all smashing. with dougie sporting his new electric blue musicman sterling bass guitar with customized LED lights which is not exactly new lah because he used it in the do ya video but it's relatively new init?!
actually i dont really know if it really is new or not.
but my ultimate dougie fan instincts says that it is new. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

imagine the bass exactly like the picture above.just change the colour.
the picture was taken from

and that i think tom should get a haircut.
dougie too :)

and when they played 5 colours in her hair,
all the miss world contestants came out and jalan2 around them then stood behind them and then started dancing and waving their arms and such.
you can actually see that danny was smiling soooooooo WIDE.
like maybe he saw a hot chick or something.
and dougie was doing all his moves.

yeah. that's all about mcfly for now.
see you when i see you!

~sarahR, a not so satisfied astro subscriber~

p.s. sorry afi!! harry is not in the picture. maybe he's the one who took the picture kut.
*nervous smile*


Afi said...

tidak mengapalah harry tiada
maybe he is taking the picture
and i think ASTRO is doing it on purpose saja tak nak show miss world.

all this while when i dont wanna watch they show but the only time i wanna see they dont show.
people these days

athirah said...

haha..padan muka u guys!!
*evil athirah speakin*

Monica said...

omg that pic so cute! :D
hahahhah 'not so satisfied astro subscriber' good one!

and seriously why aren't they showing it?? bukan tiap tiap tahun show one ke? *sues astro people*