Friday, 12 December 2008

twitching muscles

ola amiga!
i'm back from my hari raya korban getaway.
it was amazing as usual.
two cows were slaughtered this time.
in case you didnt know.
during hari raya korban, cows or sheep or bulls are slaughtered and the meat is given to be given to the poor.
it's to show our kesyukuran towards nikmat Allah.
1/3 for the poor
1/3 for the general people
1/3 for ourselves
around this time is also when the Haj is performed.
you know...when muslims from all over the world go to Mecca for
pilgrimage(did i spell that right?)

so anyways.
this year it was raaaaaaaaaaaaaaining je.
so the sembelih part was done while it was slightly raining.
it was so muddy everywhere.
i found mud splattered all over my pants and shirt.
fun fun fun.

o0. and the day before the korban, i watched the weirdest movie on my cousin's laptop.
it was about posessed trees.
you heard me.
it was a sick movie.
people cutting up people.people cutting up themselves.
just to remove the root thingies from their bodies.

so anyway. i've got pictures.

the daun pisang was actually just to prevent the blood from splattering apparently.
i'm glad my cousin got this picture.
takdalah gory sangat right?
anyway. if you think that this is nothing and would prefer gorier pictures and videos,
call me at ********** or *********.
you know how to get me lahhhhhhh. pshhh.

this is what melapah kulit lembu means.
it's a tough job.
all my cousins and uncles working together.

the cow almost done.
after this the cow's meat is cut into smaller pieces and then mixed together with all the different parts and then put into plastic bags to be distributed.
notice how all the photographs are not taken myself?
haha. i have no idea what i was doing at the time.
probably watching tv. or eating the awesome raya food.
before you call me a lousy no good lazy bum,
i did help out a little.
i managed to help cut the meat of the bones.
which was suprisingly the coolest thing ever.
haha. coz basically the muscles twitch!!
yeah.this is not joke. they seriously twitch.
i was holding it and the first slice of the knife went and then BAM!
it moved! i mean it twitched.
hahah. cool huh?
and i got a really nice sack burn on my finger which hurts like shit while cutting the meat.
fun stuff seriously. i'm not being sarcastic.
i love hari raya korban.
i love any kind of raya actually.
best times of the year.

and moving on.

look at my cousin Amin. so happy with the cows tummy and intestines.
he's a real funny dude though.
i was playing snap (bite me, it's a fun game) with him and two more other cousins.
then it was time to snap.
so dengan penuh semangat he whacked his hand on the card and went SNAAPP!!! YEAAAAHHHH!!!!
then when he looked down on his hand then only he realised that under his hand was Anis's hand.
it was super hilarious.

o0. and i have a bonus picture for all of you reading this blog.
here it comes...

who can guess what it is will
i'll even throw in a really nice picture of dougie mcfly. muahahaha.

so that's it for now.
there's actually more i that i wanna blog about.
but later later only lah.
hahahah. cue the lousy no good lazy bum soundtrack.

i can't wait for mcfly's radioactive tour dvd to come out!!!!!
it's gonna be DA BOMB!!


Afi said...

you have no clue what im doing.
we baru je exercise and here i am eating jelly

i would say that the picture is the *you know what i'll just text u *
cz i got to go toooooooooooooo

sarah said...

afi the tesco girl.

you never know nanti terjumpa tom.
or the french boy.
and ask him his name.
*wink wink*