Thursday, 1 January 2009

oh sembilan, '09

welcome welcome to the oh-so-amazing OH-SEMBILAN..
it's a new year,
and i still feel like a lazy arse.
hehe. yay me!!!

so what have i done in the OH-LAPAN?!
lets ponder shall we?!
nothing much really.

let's just mention the key components of kosong lapan in random order shall we?

volunteering as zombies in kdu's ichii banzai festival!

mcfly's Radio:ACTIVE album!!

mamma mia! the musical

hanging out with the ladies of dj!!!!!

grad night 08 baby!!! whooohooooooooo!!

batik competition at usm with the fellas. 3rd place! *wiggles eyebrows excitedly*

jewel's amazing birthday partay at the beach! BUMPER CANOE!!!!!!!!!!!

tasting the amazing burger at Carl's Jr. for the first time ever

the ceremony of burning ze evviiilll ants on the rambutan tree.

canting batik for art!! i'm so gonna miss it deep down inside....

world music fest!!

last year of high school!!

yea. i will so miss 2008.
it's been great.
doing this doing that. doing this and doing that.
more of this and more of that.
and much more of this and that.
and et cetera et cetera.
and so on and so on.

I LOVE YOU 2008!!!
i really do!!
*gets down on one knee* will in my memories forever?!

shit. can i get anymore cheesier?!

i'll go crawl into a hole and hibernate now.

~sarahR the one who still wants the tickets to UK~


Afi said...

sarah who wants a ticket to uk.
saya Afiqah juga nak

Monica said...

good times man, jolly good times my sista' :D

now, let's go create more havoc in 09 :D

for starters, let's wreck that white house on the corner of that street opposite that kindergarten! you know what i'm talking about! YEAH BABY! :D :D WOOT!

word verification: hyxomic

word, dude *slowly head bangs*

ooh! second on the list! get you to head bang!!!! :D :D :D *gets all girlishly excited*

Shahira! said...

One word: