Thursday, 29 January 2009

chuck the yee sang!


it's the time of the year again!
when you empty your stomachs just to fill it up with amazing goodness-ses called foooooooood.

for example. the love letters, eh carol?!
*wink wink* i know you want some more....i know i have some more....
*starts chanting* we want more! we want more! we want more!



well as usual we went down to kuala lumpur. stayed at our trusty apartment in damansara which i just found out, and if my memory doesnt fail me, that it is pak sa loh? in cantonese.

cool huh?
damansara?pak sa loh?
then damansara jaya would be? pak sa loh jaya??!
nvm. leave the cantonese speaking to the pro ones sarah.

so on the saturday before cny eve, we went out to dinner with my uncle since he wasnt gonna be there for lunch on first day of cny.

we went to bangsar village. never been there before.
nice place.
we ate at DELIcious. you know that ms. read restaurant?
the food all cantik2 lah. haha. let me give you some examples eh.

you guessed that right folks. brownie. with lotsa chocolate sauce. and ice cream.
better believe it.

and i forgot what it's called sundae.
gila man. inside got strawberries and all.
can go crazy makan that ok.

and the drink that i ordered was're gonna love this monica strait!
haha. nice eh?

and check this out :

we took a picture of my mum (aunty nash to kai) and my uncle!
so whatcha think? do they look alike? maybe a bit a bit?

and i also have this picture stored away in the camera.

my mum and my grandma!
the coolest part was at one point, both of them leaned forward gave their drinks a stir and sipped at the same freaking time!!
and the best part was...they had the same type of drink!! mother like daughter eh?!

so on the 1st day of cny. we went for lunch as usual.

here is everyone.

then my usual yee sang picture kan! haha. a must have.

isnt this picture great? my aunt and my cousin looks so happy.

and isnt this the shit-est picture of me yee sang-ing?

it looked like i was struggling with the chopsticks!!!!!
i'm not bad in the chopstick area ok.
if i mum with kick my butt innit?!
and it looks like my sis and my cousin are laughing at me?
no lah....surely they weren't.....right?! *lariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii*

yeah. and of course last but not least. the all-the-cousins-pageant-lineup-picture!

actually kurang one cousin lah.
girl power ey?

yep. there you have it. i fell like i should make a tagline.
cousins for life!

shit. i'm lame.

well as usual it was a great stomach bursting, ang pau receiving, cousins meeting, grandma hugging, laughin laughing chinese new year celebration.
hey, can't wait for the next.
oh yes. and a bonus picture.

hehe. took the picture from our balcony. they look like ants.
my dad was pointing us out.
uncle zainal also was looking up.
kesian the other dude.
left alone...putting.


happy chinese new year to all.
may you have a wonderful and prosperous year ahead.

~sarah lee poynter~

p.s. an extra shout out to ma homie (:D) monica caroline shenton strait
who i love!
dude. the shirt is amazing!
i love it!!
and i think only you would know how it actually looks like. haha.
wonders of photo editing.
yes, people. if you are wondering....mon drew the microphone from mcfly's radio:active album free hand! with fabric glitter on my shirt!

be jealous. be very jealous.
i'm the only mcfly fan to have this awesome shirt.
yep. bawl fans...bawl.

*skips off merrily into the semak samun*


Monica said...


all the fooooooooooooooooooooood.. I WANTTTTTTTT *pulls lower lip out for the ultimate pout*

Death By Iced Chocolate! Radical man! :D :D :D And you didn't buy one back home for me??? *tears up* *throws more yee sang at you*

bahahha :P :P why no picture of it though?

lol the stir-and-sip at the same time thing, so cute! imagine you caught it on video, lol! :P and that mini pic of your dad at golf, hahah! your little arrows and stuff funny :D

and yes, you look like a pro at chopstick-using. cough, cough. so pro in fact, that they are so wide apart, see, for better food-holdage. nice technic man. i salute you.

:P :P so slappable kan :P

p.s. AW! :D dude, i have to day, nice cover up with the photo editing!!! LOL! anything for my LT sistah! :P :P

guess what my word verification is? SANOT! remove the 'T' and you will have... ? *GRIN* LOL!

sarah said...


i think not!

and do not mock my chopstick skills.
i can pick up small kacang ok!

at least i think so lah

ahah. i can pick up fishball.
more like stab the fishball.

but hey. i can do it!

oo.. remember the black concoction of dooooom?!!

i miss it. dahlah so rare it appear in the canteen.