Tuesday, 24 February 2009

gushing through the binoculars..

be prepared for a LOT of pictures :D and no i did not take the pictures during the show. that is strictly not allowed. all pictures courtesy of google and enfiniti.com.my
o0. and for other super amazing pictures, click here ---> HERE for PGL's official website and look through season 1 punya gallery.

another two words : Hell Yeah!!!!!

i hate to say this. but i have to. i have to say this.
PGL the musical was better than Mamma Mia! the musical.

i'd probably get hate mail, scoffs and insults from people who have seen mamma mia and have not seen PGL.
how could a "local" production, a malay musical be so fabulously fantastic, you ask?
well, it was. so suck it up.
the next time that it's staged. go and watch it.
trust me. it is worth your money. you will love it. the songs, scenes and actors(winkwink) will haunt your dreams.

gosh. i was sceptical at first too. but once i stepped into istana budaya and see the whole place decorated. i felt excited. haha. felt like peeing.

i went with my homie, afi juddster the juddstud luvah, my parents and my maklong. since my sister unfortunately couldnt go, my maklong went instead.
kinda sad that my sis couldnt go. she totally missed out on the most awesomest thing ever.

so me and afi were super giddy and omg-ing at everything possible.
just waiting to take out my secret weapon in my bag. heheh.
the secret weapon will be revealed later on.

then it started. i can't explain lah. i just can't. maybe i could but just not through writing. but it was super well planned.
kudos to the stage manager.

if you look closely, in the middle of all those structures. tiara jacquelina is coming out.
and just to let you know. the whole struture thingy was raised from below the stage.

then this time, all the javanese people were talking about rumours that a Malaccan ship has just arrived.
and they're dancing and talking about hang tuah. whoa. their jawa accent memang amazing lah.

i think this was when gusti puteri retno adjeng dumilah (i'm not kidding) was with Bayan(very good singer she is) dreaming about how she wants to find love.

then after she terserempak with the four people yang came from melaka, including the lush hang tuah. then i guess it was love at first sight. (dont you roll your eyes at that!)
then that malam, they jumpa on the batu2 thingamajig.
i tell you, the way they manipulate the six tangga things throughout the whole musical is brilliant.
so they jumpa and nyanyi nyanyi. hahha.

stephen rahman hughes looks gorgeous in the hang tuah outfit. hahaha.
you should have heard my maklong gush about him.

rahman!!rahman!! malam ni mimpi2 si rahman tu.

then after that, she balik rumah.
then her brother, ruler of Majapahit (played by AC Mizal) was pissed at her for frolicking around malam2.

Gusti Adipati Handaya Ningrat. played by AC mizal. fuyooooooo. you'd say. this dude boleh ke do theatre?
haha. i was suprised too. he was AMAZING!!
so then he said you must dance for the sultan of melaka tomorrow.
then when he left, gusti putri was pissed coz she didnt want to dance for some sultan.
then Bayan told her to dance for "your Tuah."

this is the said dance on the next day. Sultan of melaka is the one in yellow obviously back there.
and Hang Tuah and everyone else was sitting on the floor.

then at one moment they shined the spotlight only on Gusti Putri and Hang Tuah. because she was obviously dancing for him and for him only.
then when it was her solo dance, she did this funky bunga-throwing-kain-using-leg-to-Tuah which might sound funny and weird now. but it was impressive.

then after. Adipati found out about how some Demak warriors have masuk-ed Majapahit.

and he was beyond pissed.

and this is one of my favourite scenes. coz he was angry and all. with one of my favourite songs. haha. Dewa Perang.
then when the music all build up dah. untill your heart was one with the music, then suddenly BANG!! got explosion on the stairs going to the orchestra pit.
everyone almost leapt out of their seats sebab terkejut.
then suddenly afi nudged me and said., eh,everyone is coughing.
then i realized everyone WAS coughing. hahah. the asap all come to the people sitting in front.
but it was the bomb.

then after, Adipati pergi ask Sultan Mahmud for help.
then Sultan Mahmud of course asked what's in for him.
so he said he wants Gusti Putri. then of course Adipati said ok.
this whole scene, i thought Ac Mizal was amazing coz you can see that he actually doesnt want to agree but he had too. that resigned voice you know.

then of course after, Hang Tuah has to go to Demak to fight. so then, he and Gusti Putri had to say goodbye.

and Gusti Putri made him swear to come back to find her. but if he didnt come, she'll go and wait for him herself on gunung ledang. but still at this time, neither of them knew that Gusti Putri was already promised to the Sultan.

then after, which i also thought was a brilliant scene. they showed her waiting as time goes by for her Hang Tuah. it was really amazing lah. i dunno how to put in words.

then she told Bayan that she wants to go cari him,

this was right before Bayan sort of jampi the Gusti Putri for safety and luck and all.
and masa ni lah, Bayan did some magic stuff with this small flower. it was floating in the most convincing way ever that there was no strings suspending it.
i'm still wondering how they did that. curioso curioso.
then. the Patih(Adipati's right hand man) came in to cari Gusti Puteri .
But then she crawled in Bayan's kain (yes her kain) and disappeared.
evryone was screaming with awesomeness by then. illusions, man!!

then Bayan kena marah and almost kena execute by Adipati then she killed herself because her work is done. to raise Gusti Puteri and help her.

then Adipati pulak was super pissed and said he'll go and find his sister. and if only he could get his hands on hang Tuah's neck.

then the props changed. it was awesome. a huge ship/tongkang was there and it was sailing and all. again. brilliant props.

then after the intermission. show dekat melaka pulak.(wooohooo) so nice lah the change. the baju. the selling things.

then got show the part where Hang Tuah was teaching Raja Ahmad silat.
our Raja Ahmad was much cuter.heheh. 6 years old only!

then, the announcement happened. it was announced that, Sultan Mahmud will be taking Gusti Puteri as his wife.

then hang tuah. sedih2 tu. sang and at the end of the song, went aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh... for an obnoxiously-amazing-an -abnormal-out-of-this-world long time.
it's not a yell, ok. it's like those ends of some songs? yeah.
i know. he sang "ku putarkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

i think. but it was a super long breath lah.

so then the sultan of melaka bukan main happy lah kan that he's gonna marry the pretty Puteri of Majapahit. so happy that he broke out into a Broadway number.
hahahha. no joke man.

like afi said. it's like Las Vegas! sultan of melaka!! LAS VEGAS!!

so Hang Tuah was asked by the sultan to go cari her and pinang her lah.
that's where the "7 rombongan" *coughafi7DGcough* came in. they bawak their supposed barang hantaran to go and pinang her lah kan.

of course Tuah was not happy because. hello? that's his chick he's pinang-ing for his sultan.
so then for this solo. he came out in this sleeveless baju.
muahahaha. and this is when our secret weapon came out from my bag.
heheheh. me and afi took turn using my BINOCULARS to zoom in on hang tuah's well gym-ed and muscled bod.
hahah. yeah. no joke.
at this moment, our gushes and omg-ing and snickers and not-so-muffled-gasps were at an all time high.

then they go cari her at Gunung Ledang.

this is when the nenek kebayans all datang. fuyooo. scary and best at the same time.
got so much explosion on stage.
at first only got one nenek kebayan je. then she was at one side of the stage, then suddenly and explosion, then BAM! she was at another place.
then BAM! another place. BAM! another place.
then suddenly ada 7 pulak the nenek kebayan.

then only one nenek kebayan led him up to gunung ledang. then the said nenek kebayan changed, like literally changes into Gusti Puteri. yeah. i know. admit it. impressive stuff.

and the way they made the waterfall was so impressive and creative and all other compliments rolled into an awesome tootsie roll. hehe.

then they both reunite lah kan. but then nanti she found out that he was only there to pinang her for the sultan.
then she bacame sad and then she got pissed. and then came the tujuh syarat.
the song was amazing. brilliantly written and she sounded so angry.

and he was going crazy. it was so sad looking at him. through the binoculars of course.

then they showed sultan mahmud wanting to take raja ahmad's blood.
then Gusti Puteri ran in and stopped him. and said that how could he not realize that the syarat was just a way of refusing his peminangan.
Sultan Mahmud was pissed coz he felt that he was being played by the Gusti Puteri.

so he cursed her and banished her onto the top of Gunung Ledang.

and when he was saying the curse, he raised his keris.
then his keris sort of went up in flames. sort of lah. made it so dahsyat wei. so dramatic.
i loved it.

then it showed that she was still waiting for him on top of Gunung Ledang after being cursed. and how he never came.
but then finally he came. but he couldnt see her.

memang so sad lah this part. then they sang about how their love would be for eternity.

that's how it ended lah. exactly like that. on the top of gunung ledang.

"Kuhinakan diriku sendiri untuk merengkuh cinta sejati. Cintamu bagai cahaya mentari yang membakar wajahku. Meski sekilas kurasakan, namun akan menjadi bekal hingga akhir zaman." ~ Gusti Puteri Retno Dumilah~

i hope you get what that meant.

then it ended. and the stading ovation begun.
gosh. it was amazing.
all the cast came out. and everyone was screaming/whistling/yelling/whooping/pointing/waving and all.
and when the 7 rombongan came out. *note that afi and i are going wild at this point of the standing ovation*
then, they sat on the stairs leading to the orchestra pit.
and 7DG sat there and showed the peace sign.
omigosh. me and afi.....no turning back already. screams screams and more screams
and when AC mizal came out. he did some jiggy. michael jackson moves. SCREAMmmm.
ADLIN AMan ramli came out. fancy dance moves. SCREAMMMMMMMMMMMmmm.

stephen rahman hughes came out and did some POP and LOCKING!!!

and then tiara came out. still screaming lahhh.

it was seriously amazing. the props. actors. dancers. let's not forget the musicians. the pyrotechnitions. the everyone.
it's crazzzzzzyyyyyyyyy.
to think that it's a totally amazing LOCAL production. and the cast and crew, majority all young talented malays.
i felt an immense feeling of pride. Local production with that kind of quality.
gosh. i think i can see it over and over and over without getting bored.
do yourself a favour. if ada lagi next time go and see it.

i know the pictures are not much. but you have to be there to experience it.

and of course, the ticket pictures.

all hail student discounts.

and the program booklet

a glimpse of the dancers. ada banyak lagi lah. but you know....

~sarah the HangTuah and 7DG lover~
for more reviews of PGLtM. click here ---->> HERE.

p.s. maybe the sequence of the things lari a bit lah. but i tried to write this as accurate as possible.
p.s. 7DG!!! i heart you. hahaha.
afiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. i'm so amazingly glad that we went together. and i'm so glad i brought my binoculars. that we got to zoom in. i'm so glad that you spotted 7DG and i'm so glad that you bought the soundtrack. thank you so much for giving me the music, mate! aiyahh...i'm just so glad lahhhh. hahah. stephennnnnnnnnnnn and 7 dulang guy!!!!!!!!! swooon.

check out adipati!! macam kain kemban kan? :D

sigh. amazing stuff.


OversizeD SunnieZ said...

man.. it s0unded amazing la weyh.. wish i went wif u guyz...

sarah said...

oversized sunnies is atia right?

Afi said...

amazing dude
saya bagi brief je
you wahhh.bagus bagus.

plot plot sekali

i'll just link you and let people who wants to know how it was to your blog

OversizeD SunnieZ said...

yeah it'z atia.. juz started on a blog.. haha..

Shahira! said...

I missed it!
Sighhh. Should have quietly sneak out of the house and went with you guys.

Monica said...

aih aih sarah... *wiggling eyebrow emoticon*
When you revealed the 'secret weapon', my jaw literally dropped k! LOL!
You seriously make me feel like watching ok. Better than Mamma Mia? This coming from an Anglophile?! (now you know the reason behind the text bahahha. I have too much free time, seriously.)

Till infinity, and beyond.

rose said...

hye sarah (:
im fine.
how about u?
ohh great to find u back.
bulehh contact2 after dis.