Tuesday, 24 March 2009

erm ah yes no err huh

whoa! it's been a while since i've updated me blog-STER.
things have been hectic-hectoc this few days and weeks.


kepada shahira shafie/patrick/mrs dickherber/my favourite pau drawer.
good luck and have fun in taylors ey!!
don't forget to wear the shirt i bought you. muahahahah.
and when you balik sini, we can buat partayyyyyyyyyyy and you can belly dance. *wink wink*

kepada teoh shu mei/ynwa buddy/mcfly concert-goer/kimi loverrrrr.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for the CD you psycho!!
and the pictures and the pictures and the calls and the texts!!
i love you man!!

kepada tan kai wen/kai-schmai/razor-dips-inthejuly trio member/head rubber (heh).
welcome homeeeeeeeeeeeee.
"bagus kamu sudah boleh cakep sabah-baa"
pictures woman. pictures!!


i got a new camera!! whoop whoop!

wheeee... isnt it preeeeeeeetyyyyyyyyy.............
i love it!!
kai, is it like yours?

and it can do awesome colour changing detecting things.

and this as welll.
swelllll, no?

yeah. and today i went to queens with afi, mum, sister and cat.
we watched Sayang, you can dance.

ok. personally.
i feel that the movie is one of the worst malay movie everrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
hahahah. sorry to say. but it has a bad plot. bad acting.
choreographed danced moved macam senamrobik je.
hehehe. but the breakdance part was good lahhh.
muscles rippling everywhere. especially ALAM. haahah. he's so adorable!
but it was a good laugh lah the movie.

the part masa they tiba2 nyanyi at the tasik there.
hahaha. loved that part.
i honestly dont mind watching it again.

why would i watch a bad movie you ask?!
ahem ahem. SAMUEL RIZAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he is FIT!!! hahahah. me and afi dok terbeliak biji mata at him. drooling2.
go all the way to QB just to see him, ok!!!
hahahaha. doesnt matter if it's a not-so-awesome movie.
ada him, happy dah.
when he came out with only a towel. FUYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
haahhaha. sweet bod man.

afi, eiffel i'm in love marathon, bila nak buat ni?!

only five of us and a couple in the cinema.
hahaha. can make loud comments and laugh at absurd things freely :D

hahaha. look at afi. btw, she's looking at a blank screen. heheh.

thats' it for now.




Shahira! said...

I want to watch talentime with you guys!

Monica said...


ok dunno why I was laughing.


You know, sarah. *puts arm around your shoulder and leads you out your front door* you better jaga baik baik tau your camera. mana tau some psycho walk in one day, masuk your bedroom ke. Cause maybe that certain psycho know where your room is. And that person might possibly know the layout of your house.

Just sayin'.


Afi said...

true the movie did suck
but hey we didnt watch the movie
because of the movie pun kan

ohhh yessss when i pun dont know
when you guys are free text me la
nanti we can drool and stare at him some more
and hear him speak in french