Friday, 27 March 2009

ok. eh wah eh wahhh. it's the 27th of march now.
and what have i achieved the whole, let's say THREE MONTHS of cuti cutii cantonment road?!

heh. can you say nada?!nothing!nich!zero! definitely not hero?!

hahaha. i'm loving life at the moment. nyeheheh.

song of the moment : I AM COW by Arrogant Worms

i am cow hear me moo,
i weigh twice as much as you,
and i look good on the barbeque,
yogurt, curd, cream cheese and butter made for liquids from my udders,
i am cow i am cow
hear me mooooo.

i am cow i eat grass,
methane gas comes out my ass,
and out my muzzle when i belch
oh the ozone layer is thinner from the outcome of my dinner
i am cow i am cow
i've got gassssss.

i am cow here i stand
far and wide upon this land
and i am living evrywhere
from DC to newfoundland
you can squeeze my -- by hand
i am cow i am cow i am cooooooo-ooowww.

so after nanyi nanyi macam lembu. i suddenly felt "something."
heheh. so i went and open all the pictures folder.
awwwwwww. the good ol' days.

i actually miss school! i miss all the friends. i miss the canteen hangout.

i miss the ko-op.i miss our awesome p.e. time with pn.mazida. i miss walking to the bio/chem/physics lab with afi.
i miss us all ramai2 ask mr saadan for KFC. i miss our crap music in the morning before assembly. i miss watching mr lim talking super enthusiastically with to meiyen about a birdie.

i miss tracking up the freakin stairs to ART ROOM with MON-ster.i miss coming to school early2 just to hangout with monmon and rolrol in front of 5V.

i miss going out selamba2 without a pass just because of the assistant monitor badge :D
i miss being the only girl to have the "COOLEST BADGE TO EVER WALK THE HALLS OF ST GEORGE'S GIRLS SCHOOL." muahahah. perasan case a bit.
i miss doing useless but extremely fun things in class with kaiwen-schmaiwen.never concentrate in class one!singing Jenny by flightoftheconchords together. wohhooo.
i miss dropping by 5Akik just to leave chalk messages for ira and muz on the board or on their tables.

i miss getting sunburnt masa sukan day.

i miss being a cavell member. but hey, once a cavell always a cavell right?! RIGHT?!

i miss gossip gossip with afi. hahah. itu jelah kerja. when addmaths/accounts/anytimelah, gosssiiiip onlyyyy. then use afi's teknik, look at the teacher and nod. then continue gossip.
i miss english time with pn ruthra. she rocks.

i miss hanging out with my friends. a lot.

the best lot of friends i've ever had.

afi looks so cute in this picture. hehehe. mcm budak kecik. ira pun. sigh.
good ol' days. we should have more of em :D

zombie day! syiok man! with my MON-ster and my ROL-ROL.

jet-ski wooohooo!! ira!

i miss all my amigas!

what do YOU miss?
~sarah lee poynter rosli~
p.s. tomorrow on the 28th of march. TUTUP LAH LAMPU, ok?!


nanott BOMBASTIC said...

miss you, sarah! :) lame ta dgr cerita laa.
how to contact youu ni?

Afi said...

when did we ever stop gossiping?

bukan now pun macam still continue ke? LOL

Monica said...

hahhah the line "what do YOU miss" sounds something like the ending of the movie 'Wanted' :P

AAWWW, I MISS YOU TOO RAHRAH. Even though I just saw you yesterday, and I'm talking to you right now on msn, BUT I MISS THE HELL OUT OF YOU!!!
(sentence tak betul sikit kan. Well, at least there's no more hell in you! :P Not that there was any hell in you to begin with, but you get what I mean. I hope you get what I mean. I'll just shuddup now.)

*hugs you till your lungs pop and your stomach dipenyekkan*

Lotsa love,
LT sistah ;D

ikaaa said...

hellowww old girl friend. :)
damn rndu gilaaa.
anyway,i x bace lg ur blog nihh becoz skrin pc ni cm blur2 so nanti peneng kalau tenung lame2.nnt i ade mase i bace semue okayy mase on9 kt laptop.becoz u ryte good stories babeee. ;D
anyways,drop off ur phone number somewhere.btw mine's 0177388386
if u hv stalkers reading ur blog,DELETE this comment.haha.