Sunday, 29 March 2009

Earth Hour 28th March 2009

yesterday was one of the almost funnest day everrrr.
hahah. boleh tahan lah kan.
it was awesome though.
we had a small barbeque. since it was on the 28th of March.
we tutup lampu lah right during the partayyyy.
candlelight throughout the whole house.(except upstairs and the kitchen. the kitchen pakai torchlight. heheh)

so mon came around very she terpaksalah tolong menolong.
but then "something" happened lahh. she'll kill me if i type it down here in my blog.
so call me lah, i'll tell you everything! *winkwink*

so then, by 7 something i think. gen sampai.
and then me and mon and gen was given the job to lekatkan the candles onto
candle holder. more wax got onto the table then into the cups.
mostly mon's side of the table. muahahahaha.

then cat came.
then asma came. then LIGHTS OFF TIME!!!!
woohoooo. it was pretty dark!! i actually didnt expect it to be THAT dark.
so me, mon, asma and gen gathered round a candle.
gen and asma were supposed to tell us a ghost story.

asma and gen story-ing

then, afi came. then supposed to sambung lagi the story.

then, muz finally graced us with her presence. hehehe.

i love this picture. heheheh. i look EVVVIIILLLLLLL.

and this picture as well. coz you can only see water being poured into a jug.
heheh. i was invincible! *gasp*

after the extremely lame ghost story was told.
we go makannnnnn.
the parents all ate outside so got a lot more candle lights.
we ate inside with the tea-lights only.
so macam gelap lah jugak.
evryone was blindly poking their forks onto their plates hoping to spear a piece of food.
then muz siap missed her mouth lagi.
a lot of mon-teasing went on. hahaha. headed by muz.

it was really really fun.

then 9.30-ish the lights were back on.
eyes adjusted. then we sambung sembang lagi.
then. aida started playing with the wax.
then EVERYONE started playing with the wax.

best lah. dipping your finger into the hot wax.
then me and mon created warts for my hand. hahaha. it looked cool, wei!

it was a fun barbeque. we should do it morrrrrrrrrrrree!!

now for more pictures:

aida's papparazzi picture.

gen's papparazzi picture

MON-ster and Muzzie

cat and the corn

gen and asma concentrating on food.

asma! and mon

the ladies. i think afi was taking the picture.

this picture i save for last lah.
hahah. mon..mon...amboi..
look so pretty ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

yep. that was it. awesome barbeque with amigas!
i wish IRA, CAROL and KAI could have been there.
but tidak time kan!!

to those people yang tidak take part in Earth Hour dan tidak tutup lampu,
next year participate lahhh.

did YOU switch off?



Monica said...


LOL. Dude that pic can only see my forearms kut! You saying my forearms pretteh? Awwww. How sweets! x)
:P Slappable mon in action. WOOT.

Let's make it tradition! :D Every Earth Day, PAR-TAY AT SARAH'S! WOOOOH!

Pyromaniacs, unite! *tranformer's transforming sound sounds in the background*

lol lame ness :P

word verification: caryo
look dude, car, yo.

assifying mon in action. WOOT.

Frog's eggs. EEW. HAHA :P
I wanna see Mikael (that how you spell it?) again. so adorable!!!

I wanted to say something else, but I forgot. *reader says: must be something so ass*
That might not necessarily be true.
Who knows.. who knows..

Shahira! said...


I slept that night.
I tutup lampu depan, so that people thought I actually tutup.
While the tv, lampu, ac were switched on.