Wednesday, 1 April 2009

i just realised that some of my posts are title-less.

eh wah.
now i'm gonna be those avid bloggers. who blogs about everything and anything under the skyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. [i just say this now to sound good. winkwink]

we shall start with the wonders of me house garden.
aisehhh.. berbuah macam banyak lah jugak right!
for instance.

my no-name-buah, mouth sweetener. yep. it is DA BOMB.
then you have to really have a lookout for the fruit because if you're not quick enough to go pluck it, the bird sudah serbu and makan.
so you must be quick, coz it's a jungle out there. *george of the jungle themesong starts playing*

then. the best is that the jambu air tree that my parent's been jaga-ing.
sudah berbuah. dengan banyakkkkkkkkkk! so proud eh. and super sweet!
and i'm the one who wrapped em eyy!!

[in an irish accent] look at me dad!!

hahaha. bapak buat. anak pun mauuu. i look like a retard.
hahaha. WHY? because i'm *sings* born to be wiiiiiiiiiiiiiildddd!!!! *guitar rifffff*

ok. then. a random picture for your viewing pleasure.

aisehhh. play badminton until the shuttlecock become like thatttt.
like pro already like thissssssssss.

ok. now to the important part of the blog.
[back to the irish accent] LOOK AT ME DADD!!!

ahaha. he's in TWO chinese newspapers. aissehhh. famous lah my dad. hehe.
eventhough we dont understand what the words are. still. the pictures!

[please click and enlarge to prevent straining the eyeballs]
look. this one siap got his name lagi!


i have a newspaper printed dad. do YOU? (that sounded so showwy offy ! 0.0)
~sarah lee poynter rosli~

p.s. dougie is hot again!!

hahaha. wohooo.. sign ME up as the next make up artist!


Monica said...

HAHAHAH lawak la you :D
You look so happy in the pic! xD Awwwww. Fruit makes Sarah happy. *idea for birthday present comes to mind*

*rubs hands together gleefully*


fuyoh uncle! newspaper celebrity! :D Wonder if he's in my grandma's newspaper.

word verification: lyokerec.

licorice! :D

ikaaa said...

babe, u r simplyyyyyy & hands down the most talented blogger i've ever known.
congratss to u.hahahh
tu je nak ckp.hehe ;)