Tuesday, 17 February 2009

ok now on a lighter note.
since all the unhappy vibes are gone from the system.

let's talk tom felton baby!

ok this is for ira.
that day you asked me.
why do i like tom felton when he is obviously getting uglier by the day.

that's a good question actually.
here's a picture for you babe.

(to all the felton haters out there, termasuk lah muz, if you're reading this, shove it ok :D)

now before you say anything about the picture, hear me out ok.

two words.
hahah. yep.
that is exactly his problem actually.

now still before you say anything, work with me here.

IMAGINE THIS. (use the picture as a guide ok)(oh. please press the picture to enlarge before imagining :D )
1) he goes for some treatment at Yun Nam Haircare
2) goes to some really good awesome celebrity hairdresser to have a really sexy haircut. haaaaaaaaa.
3) throw away the checkered baju leaving the t-shirt.
4) he goes to gym to buff up a bit.

ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. hot tom felton!

so what do you say??! how bout that ira?

~sarah, still the tom felton fan~

p.s. have you seen his guitar skills?! sings with thick brit accent lagi wei!!


Shahira! said...

Sarah, I think I know what's the problem now, after looking at that picture.
It's not his hair.
It's his face yang ada problem.

What to do.
Puberty just doesn't do any good for him. =P

sarah said...

tak guna lah you ira.

it's the haiiiiiiirr!!!!!!
the hair!