Tuesday, 17 February 2009


ok. i don't usually do posts like this.
but yeah. i feel like i have to do this. to lepas geram.

on the news today and yesterday, they're trying to change teaching science and maths in english back to malay.
why must they do this?
isn't it obviously better for everyone to be learning the subjects in english since later on in life, majority of science and maths courses will be taught in english?
would'nt it be a burden for the students to switch languages back and forth?

you say the time is up and still no results. give them more time. more guidance.
malaysian students can do it.
oh shit this all. malay students can do it.
why am i singling out malay's?
because i am ticked off. how could you, a malay yourself, look down on your own people?
why are you trying to put us down. and pull us back from being "maju"?

if you watched the news, the dude said. they are doing this to help the malay students from the rural areas.
what crap is this? do you know how degrading that sounds?
and coming from a malay man himself?

i'm sure it was hard at first, but give the kids time. they WILL get it. they WILL.
gosh. i am so proud of my little cousins now. i agree that last time their english pretty much sucked.
but now. they are good. an i mean it.
they can converse. they can understand. give them more time. and they will be able to cope.
if they can watch english movies, and laugh at appropriate timings, what more do you want?
why are you trying to hold them back?

transitions DO NOT happen OVERNIGHT.

malay's are being looked down enough already in malaysia, do not push them down anymore.
why is it. that as a proud muslim malay who "pakai tudung" is always discriminated?
how come when i go to shops or anything, why do people automaticaly speak to me in malay?
even teachers in school do this.
but when the same teacher speaks to another student, she immediately switches to english.
for a person who have never gotten anything less than an A (im not trying brag) for the english language, i kinda feel very very insulted.

can you imagine, sitting in a line,and as usual, i'm always the only malay wearing tudung. then the teacher asks everyone down the line questions.
but when it's your turn, she switches to malay?!
hello?! does wearing a tudung, automatically brand you as a "non-english-speaking-dumbass"?

what pisses me off even more, is if i'm with a non tudung wearing malay girl, and the teacher/shopkeeper/whoever speaks to her in ENGLISH, and to me in malay.
isn't that just plain bullshit?
yeah, wearing the tudung does not make our brains smaller, you git.
i probably can spell english words backwards and forwards while cartwheeling around you twice.
(it's just an expression of anger lah)

and i've had a real life moment where someone insulted me in a non-malay language thinking that i wont understand.
well. i can, bitch! i probably know the vocabulary better than you.

i say enough is enough with holding us back. what are you thinking? what are you trying to do?
how are we supposed to cope anyway, when the teacher teaching us form5 biology speaks the terms, and teaches in malay anyway. how are we supposed to get used to learning science and maths in english?
what are we learning then?

we can do this. have more faith dammit!
like i said, transitions take time, they DO NOT happen overnight.
don't change the system.
find something else to change, something like your super closed mind.

~a super pissed off sarah~

p.s. yes, i do blame you.
your lies will will come back and bite you in the ass.


Shahira! said...

There's lots of ways to learn English and not only by reading a book.
Can always listen to music, watch cartoons, watch movies, and talk to others in English.
Many many other options.

And I've experienced it before.
The "someone-switches-to-BM-when sees-me-wearing-a-tudung".
The heck.
I can speak better English than them!

sarah said...

hell yeah!

Afi said...

i get you.
ahhhh very very very true
i agree 110 % percent
mate. i cant wait to tell you stories