Monday, 9 February 2009

colours of the night

it's the time of the year again.
thaipusam. where all hindus celebrate.
super festive super colourful.
and as usual. right in front of our house is the route for the chariot to go back to the temple where it will be kept until the next thaipusam.

by 8pm, got a lot of ppl hanging around outside already to wait for the arrival of the chariot.
a small group of people sang and played traditional musical instruments.
then by 8.30-9.00pm like that, the chariot came and went.
pulled by two cows. two very decorated cows.
they'll stop in front of st georges girls school to break the coconuts.
well. here are the pictures that i took.
ok. i apologise first lah. coz the pictures macam crap a bit lah.
coz i didnt want to use the flash because nanti everyone will look at us.
we were looking from my parent's balcony.
malulah right...

the old lady in the yellow baju is dancing! :)

loud live music.

look at the cops.

a family waiting. i think they saw me. i dunno.
girl on balcony holding large camera....

oooo..this is actually a single star. turned out like that.
awesome eh.

the first glimpse of the chariot.

bye!! see you next year! last picture of the chariot.
my dad ajak go see the coconut breaking. tapi malas le. malas nak change baju.

oh well.

thaipusam! awesome stuff. real colourful and it looks super festive.
lots of tourist filled buses park in front of our house nak go and see the celebration.
kavvadi and all.
this year got no kavvadi pass by our house.
nevermind. there is always next year.

~sarah the one who is proud to be a malaysian~


Shahira! said...

I've always wanted to pecahkan the coconut.

Afi said...

hahan okay ira ala you buy je la coconut then you pecahkan

but nice sarah...
got a little show eh yesterday.

Monica said...

*breaks coconut on sarah's head*



*sprinkles holy lime juice at you*

that's how much I value our friendship. Holy lime juice very hard to come by, ya know?

word verification: concirro. sounds so spanishy/fancy-ish :P