Monday, 6 April 2009

the danny jones post.

this post is dedicated to kaiwen jones, shumei gerrard and monica ulliel (hehe-rack boyy)
sorrylah. but you guys have to share. but maybe mon dah don't want lah.
coz you her gaspyyyy. hehe
kai!! you've got competition!

title : the danny jones post
subject : danny jones
images : danny jones
reason of post : basically to let you guys cuci mata lahhhh.

danny looking like danny (heh) on the sorry's not good enough video

*gasp* danny's on the menu?!! *whacks head on table at the super lame attempt for a joke*

daniel "danny" alan david jones

danny who loves his checkered shirts. and was totally offended when tom fletcher commented on his shirt.

danny jones who has the "Good Eff" tattoo on his right leg.
actually i'm not sure if that IS the good eff tatt. *shrugs* oh well.
but there IS a good eff tattoo la.

danny jones who used to straighten his hair every morning because of his "curly bush."
quoted from tom.

kai, this one special for youu lahhh. so cute right?!

thanks to thomasimages. yes, i totally stole your picture :D

spotlight on danny jones.
picture courtesy of teoh shu mei!!!!!! mei gerrard.

i dunno why. but i love this picture.

eh no. i love this picture MORE. his expression is hilarious!
but i think, afi judd would be totally offended. heee.

i really like his tattoo. he expanded the star tattoo from before. don't worry dougie, i shall showcase your tatt as well one day.

and then there must always be a picture of both dougie and danny.
woohooo. topless!! *wiggle waggle eyebrow insanely fast*

and a group photoooooooooo. the guyyysssss.

now for some earth shattering mouth watering soul drainingly funny quotes from
mr danny jones.

Question: How old is Dougie's sister?
a) 23 years old
b) 14 years old
c) He hasn't got a sister.
Danny: He hasn't got one.
Dougie: Yes I have! You've met her! She's 14!
Danny: Oh yeah. Oh poo. Now I remember....

Question: Where does Danny say he's from?
a) Ireland
b) Switzerland
c) Latvia
Harry: Ireland. Danny's uncle lives in Ireland and Danny likes to pretend he's Irish. It's so desperate.
Danny: But I am Irish.

i would like to come back as a rat when i die

I always give Dougie a wedgie before we go on stage.......for good luck!!

dougie's a hairy git for his age

i don't mean to be funny- i'm just thick

would you rather be intelligent or good lookiing?

Danny: neither I'm happy the way I am.

Tom: So your happy that your ugly and stupid

(this should be in the dougie segment. but who cares. i couldnt resist)
Danny: Dougie doesn't talk to fit girls, he's too shy!
Dougie [in retaliation]: Well at least my hair doesn't
go frizzy when i wash it!

the HER woman!! (this one maybe only mcfly fans would understand)

p.s. for the rest of the boys, we'll save it for next time yea!


Monica said...

ok danny has some really hot photos *wiggle waggle eyebrows* <-- hhahah!! i like the way you said it :P

like I said to you in msn:


:P :P

My fav pic is the "team judd" one :D LAWAK! LOL. and the oversized shades! hahahah nice nice :D

rack boy sounds like those dudes who work in the grocery store.
"eh rack boy! go clean up the rack in aisle 2. chop chop!" :/

word verification: amoldri

dried mould.
amoldi [some fancy couture brand?]
amboiiiii [reminds me of you hahaha :P ]

Afi said...

wah cuci mata ey.
seronok mereka yang love danny boy. ;)

oh danny dont get it wrong i love you but not as much. yess team judd over here

but i gotta say he is funny.

Shahira! said...

I love the "ugly and stupid" part!