Friday, 10 April 2009

woohooo. the next cuci mata dedication mcfly post is upp upp and awayyyyyyyyyyyy!!

this is for afiqah Juddster the Harry Judd the stud loverrrr.
banyak gila ni pictures for your viewing!!

it's all about TEAM JUDDDD!!!

Harry Mark Christopher Judd, drummer of McFly!

harry the posh one. heheheh. always kena from Simon Astell!

afii... hahaha. remember this show?!! "peas and cheesseee!!!"

from That Girl one of the best McFly music video ever!!

probably one of the most good looking drummer in the history of drummers!
hahaha. i probably am biased.

bluish grayish eyes to die for.

probably even the most stylo (?) of the band?!
Tis hath not been proventh!!

hahahaha. isn't this picture awesome afi?!!

from sorry's not good enough video.

ahahhaha. he's the only one who can pull of this kinda shades me thinks. in the band i mean.
ok...i have to say, danny looks good in em too. but harry looks better i think.


hahaha. afi. i know you will LOVE this picture. the REAL harry potter!!!

and of course, harry and doug pictures.

i just found this. heheh.

gosh. aren't they both adorable together!!!

and. i would put in harry quotes.
but you know. harry mana ada cakap blur blur stuff right?
heheh. he's err.... a lot smarter then some.
err. ok. hahahahah. this is so awkward suddenly!!

and so to erase the awkwardness. i shall leave you with a wonderful picture of Har. =D

*oo-la-la*stares at screen untill eyeballs irritation occurs*



Monica said...

"so awkward suddenly" HAHAHA!! :P

I remember that video! omg lawakkk gila! My fav video of him kut! :P

Harry too has some one-more-minute-stare-worthy pictures, eh? Wink wink

Afi, don't get me wrong aight! :P I backed off on harry eons ago. [When did mon even liked him?!]

Oops. :X

word verification: galingu

sounds tribal. Oooh o_O

Afi said...

it was awkward lol
i was reading it and i went like errrr


i know that video was really funny.

yesss mon. a lot of em.AHAHAH
aik exactly mon.When did mon even liked him? ahah

and sarah. wow i spent a really long time "reading" ok ok more like staring at your post.

ahhhh that made my day
so terima kasih S.Lee.P.LOL

Afi said...

ohhhhh yess. i do like the original harry potter.LOL
but he didnt need the fake scar.
the real one is at the side of his head. :D

why am i posting another comment.
oh well...
anndddd he IS
one of the most good looking drummer in the history of drummers!
with that eyes of his.
and i love the picture yg harry and doug hugging on stage during wonderland tour.

Noor Aida said...

hahhaha HARRY!!!
the pictures got me goin all "woooahhhh"