Monday, 13 April 2009

i think it is time to post the TOM FLETCHER droolage post!!

Lead singer and guitarist!! writes 99% of McFly songs!

let's start!

i find that tom always has the most epic stage pictures.

see what i mean?

him and giovanna. so adorable.

and he likes HSM!! weird.. but up to you lahhh tom!!

and probably the most colourful wardrobe.

his hottest hairdo era!

muahahah. from the Tranny video!!

i love this photo. thomas and douglas-ette!!

thomas michael fletcherrrr!!! sorry's not good enough video. mucho hotness i think.

the aww song he supposed to have wrote for giovanna

young tom. not saying that he's old now.

i have the model of his guitar on me wall!!
ok maybe it's not 100% exactly the same. but it's close!

sorry tom . i gotta say that that is one uglehhh sweater.

see what i told you about awesome stage pictures?

and another!

snoop dougie doug and tomster!

hahaha. isnt this picture the bomb!?! dougie looks so obscene!
you should go and watch the video of this. hilarious stuff!!!!!!!!

a fan's tom flecther tattoo. crazy stuff right?????!
the hair is exactly the same!!! it's crazyyyyyyy!!

i like this picture!! so cute!

and this is the best! :)

fletch boy!! you rock!!


Afi said...

tom is the best
i love him

and true kan
his pictures on stage are like the best.

Noor Aida said...

awwwhhhh mr thomas fletcher!!!!!
yeah all of his pictures are like the
snoop dougie doug!!!!! lol
and i think he is the only one who can pull off that sweater...

Monica said...

why do all of them look so damn hot in that 'sorry's not god enough' video! [not saying that they're not hot before that video. heh]

I have to go watch already.


I know your dirty little secret! :O

word verification: vorsem


Monica said...

awwww i like that pic of felton in rome! :D