Tuesday, 14 April 2009

ok. the super long awaited and most anticipated (by me :D ) picture post!!!!

the Dougie Lee Poynter cuci mata post.

to all the dougie ponyter fans out there, be prepared to jump, scream and leap and drool. (in that cronological order)

to all the non dougie fans out there, be prepared to weep, baby!

hahaha. actually. since, i already always post up pictures of Mr Poynter, i shall throw in here and there some other pictures of the boys as well.
but mostly the pictures of mr dougie of course. *wiggles eyebrows enthusiastically*

hobey-ho. let's go.

if you can count according to the pictures and tell me how many different basses he has.
there will be a prize at the end of the post!! :D

look at them so happy. laser tag.

dougie looks mucho hotto!! taking bed hair to a whole new level!

love this picture! tom looks so funny!

hahahha. wahhh. i'd like to net them 0.0 hahahah.

look! dougie looks evil!!

i'm not sure who's house it is. either tom's or doug's.

during the olympic handover in London!

working the boxers, dougie!!

STILL working the boxers dougie!!

according to Atia Zainal, danny's hair looks really soft!! according to me, dougie looks Fit! :D



dougie looking evil again!

tom and danny using gibsons! right?

dougie rocking the stage!!

dougie looking fine!! ehehhe. i'm running out of things to caption about. too captivated by his beauty. *winkwink*

look at danny's guitar!!! hello kitty!!

anyone who wants to send me a present? hint hint wink wink nudge nudge Punch!

hahahah. "most fanciable male! award" woohoooo. you deserve it man!

dan and doug show!

Dan and Doug Show!!!! :D :D :D

dougie. hahaha. spot the.....weirdness?! hahahaha. if you get what i mean....... *laughs histerically for no reason*

i want dougie's pants!!! heheheh. it might sound weird. but in my defense, it looks comfy!

look at tom's guitar!! awesome right?!

dougie dougie dougie.

o000. look at this photo!!! it's tom and james bourne (from Busted!) and an unknown girl. heh.
still. so young right?!

possibly my favourite-est picture of dougie!! such a nice picture. *sighs*

the boys. <3

dougie emo-hot look. heheheh. i've probably put this picture up sooooo many times.
sorry. can't help it.

0ooo. this picture is epic as well. love it.

and this!! at Matt Willis (from Busted, and if you watched Mr Bean the holiday, his song Crash is in the movie) punya wedding.don't all of them look smashing!

sorry's not good enough video shot.

sorry's not good enough video!!! omg. hahahah. so adorable and hot right?!!!!

wooohooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! tom and dougie.

i had to put this picture. even with the damn waterwark. thanks gettyimages :D
look at dougie! wearing glasses! 00-la-la.

tom and dan!

dougie!! hahahah. look at what's hanging on the microphone stand! 0.0 scandalous.

the boys again.

dougie!! wonderland tour if i'm not mistaken.

Afi!!!!!!!!!! bonus for you!! found this lying around in my folder. hehehe.

danny, dougie and dai (from the already non-existant Son Of Dork whom their songs, i love!)

dougie and tom!

the boys and england flags!

Dougie!!!!!!!! water gunning fans during a show.

dougie and danny!!

dougie. the scrumptious one. ehhhh. why am i foodenizing him?!
i meant dougie the............superly handsome most talented bassist in the whole universe! :D

dougie and harry!! aww. like brothers.

dougie with his awesome looking white fenderrrr.

dougie being tortured by the boys during the video shoot of Star Girl

harry and dougie.

danny and dougie


aww dougie!!! see... McFly are awesome lads. they support Comic Relief!

another picture of dougie at the London Olympic Handover

The Lads <3

dougie in Star Girl video.


danny and dougie.

*sings joyfully* all i want for christmas is dougie lee poynter..dougie lee poynter..

danny and dougie!!

2009 picture of dougie and tom!!!! dougie looks FIT!!!! tom looks fit as well!!

dougie's "toilet exploded" gesture!

Dougie was on the front cover of a magazine. i forgot which magazine. hahah. HOTNESS!
check his tattoo out!! awesome!! iguana-space theme!

whoaaa.. it's finished!! hahaha.
fear not dougie fans out there. from time to time. i WILL post up pictures of His Hotness.
so untill then. farewell and sweet loving!
tata for now! i shall leave you with wonderful dreams of dougie.

hold it!
i take that back.

i shall just leave you :) without anything :)

p.s. about the bass counting guess. hehehe. there IS no prize. because i dont know the exact answer as well. *smiles brilliantly*


Monica said...

Ishhhhhhh luckily I didn't go back and count 'em all again! I would smack you if I did!

*smacks you anyways*

you deserved it.

DOUGIE! I like his emo-hair! Damn gaya man :D :D aww and that laser tag picture looks so cute! :] All so happy! :D :D Hahahah
Danny and the hello kitty guitar! Hahaah nice one man! :D

Ok if I were to comment on every single pic this comment will be uber long. And we wouldn't want that now, do we?!

I'm sure you do, but I really don't care what you think right now.

:P eeeeee slappable mon moment.

Lol, is that "i want dougie's pants" a hint for some date in the almost end of May eh? If you get my drift. nudgenudge *grin*

Ooh! and I like that Dougie pic before the Comic Relief one. Adorableness! x]

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Noor Aida said...

ahhhhhhhh *runs wildly* lol im goin crazy!!!! weeee hahaha....

the picture yang the kids were hugging his pants..lawak gila..hahhaha ...
dougie look so smart when he wears his specticles ehh...

OversizeD SunnieZ said...

i Googled ma name td..
n ade link 2 u'r blog..
n i still do think danny's hair look soft!!
u post bnyak gler gmbar doug-ster!!
he lookz sooo smexxay wif emo hair!!

afi said...

OHHHHH you shouldnt have.LOL
all for me.ohh harry harry

but dougie so grown up.and all hot and stuff.

arent we proud.LOL

but true it does look comfy.

sarah said...


atia, you say like that, i also went and google your name.
chehhh!! number one on the list lah my blog with your name!!
heheheh. bagus bagus.
seee...toldja he was hot!! :D