Tuesday, 21 April 2009

HSBC cares with CPS.

Last Saturday was awesomeee!! 18th of April 2009.
i volunteered together with the HSBC crew for their community service event.
under the HSBC Cares thing :D :D

it was kick ass fun fun fun. and tiring. heheh. but fun.
we had a day out at Youth Park with kids from the Children's Protection Society.
So, the older ones all went up hiking and the younger ones stayed down at the field to play games.

I went up hiking with them.

hahahha. i almost died of exhaustion. hehe..
i'm the most unstamina-less person i know. muahahahahah.
but anyway, i still made it to the top! whoopyyy.
and it was fun though. hiking with the kids and hsbc aunty/uncle :D

especially with koganes<3 :D she's soo nice. and funnehhh.

up up up.. the nice rambut :D sisters, are from Sweden!
Mary, Emma and Erika. They're gonna be social workers so they stay in Malaysia for a while and go around working with homes like the CPS. nice huh.

here's where we we're gonna use the short cut to go straight up.
and uncle martin (the dude in red) was making jokes about going up and hollering to the group leader to slow down. :D

then here we reached no3!! then the adults start asking the kids if they want to continue going up. then everyone said YEAHHH!
and the adults looked like they wanted to say craaapppp, whyyy did we even ask?!
heh. then we all went up.
and eventhough i was mucho slow ness :D i made it to the top!

so everyone ada at the top. no 5!!! wooohooo.
took some pictures. siap got candid lagi.
untill jatuh jatuh the uncle

happy pose.

then we set off back down.
then met the lower ground kids who already finished playing their games.
so we all just played at the playground.

she tried to offer me her cap!! awww, sister. you rock!

they are all seriously so nice. they call you Sister and all.
and they ask stuff like, "Sister, can i hold your hand?"
omg...so nice and polite and. ISH! :D :D

they look so happy! glad they had a good time. that's the whole point innit?

this is hui ling. she's so cute!

they saw me. papparazi failed. danggg.

this girl is so adorable. jayaletchumi <3
she went,
JL : Sister! sister! take my picture!
Sarah: *smiles* sure! *click*
JL : *runs over to something else* Sister! Sister! Take my picture!

it wasnt part of the plan for me to climb it as well.

JL: sister! sister! climb up here with me!
Sarah: er... maybe not. no..no.. you climb up there. i take your picture.
JL: no. Sister! you must try and climb up here!
Sarah: *arghh why must you be so nice and stuff* ok!ok! *climbs up**takes picture of JL*
JL: *scrambles down* sister sister i take picture of you!
Sarah: *smiles*

ish. kids these days. so powerful over people older then them.

danggg. so adorable! even if i dont know your name. you're still adorable!

some of the kids, conquering the jungle gym!!

climb climb climb!

this is Hasan and Husin. TWINS!! so adorable boleh tak!?

it was super funn!

HSBC Cares! woohoooo.

~sarah rosli~


Afi said...

man so proud of you

naik bukit. good work out man

Monica said...

"So, the older ones all went up hiking and the younger ones stayed down at the field to play games.

I went up hiking with them."

someone's very adult-ish all of a sudden eh. YOU UNDERAGE BARU 17 PERSON!

:P :P :P

Ok seriously, dude so nice! looks like so much fun! :D :D awesome awesome :D

Shahira! said...


ciretera ceritaku said...

lama i crik u..
bru jumpa blik..

did u still remember me???
ur primary scholl friends??
i`m asna...

nice to meet u again..