Tuesday, 28 April 2009

foot of the devil.

I have declared to day as Disaster Tuesday:The Unconquerable Clutch.

hell to the yeah! so today. lesson number 2 in butterworth.

the bukit was hell. it's not me. it's my Foot!
it's the Reincarnation of the devil volume II :D :D

My left foot was possesed i tell you!! i ask my foot to not let go of the clutch, guess what my foot did?? It let go of the clutch!! it was possesed by the car number 2's evil spirit. hahahah.

suuuuuuuuuuuure sarah, suuuuuuuuure. keep telling yourself that.


i've been watching Hana Kimi (Japan) again. muaahahhaa.
it's my mum's fault for being hooked to the Hana Kimi (Taiwan) that is currently being shown on 8tv.

[one of the not bad looking pictures i found off the net.] Sano looks crippled. hehehe.
of course he's not. it's a joke!! a very bad attempt anyway.

the show is amazing. hilarious gilaaaaaaaa. especially how the guys treat each other. like how they constantly whack each others head. funnehhh. i think i've watched sooo many times and possibly know what they're gonna say for some certain lines.

then after sitting alone upstairs and watching the show on my computer and laughing alone like a psychopath. i thought. heyyy why not watch hana yori dango as well?

yeah right. actually. i saw an advert of the korean version one on tv.
so i thought heyyyy. why not watch hana yori dango?


hana yori dango/ boys before flowers (it's a japanese phrase apparently, beats me *shrugs*) is apparently the best selling manga ever.

this manga is where the oh-so-famous Meteor Garden (which i've never watched)came from.
but the one i watch, Hana Yori Dango I&II, japanese version. definitely very nice.

kinda weird lah also the plot. right.
i find it especially weird when some one get's the F4 "red notice."

so imagine this, *imagine-friendly music plays on your head*

you somehow pissed of the F4 dude.
and one fine day you walk to your locker like you do everyday.
you opened your locker and BAM! the "red notice" is there.
SHIT. you say in your mind.
and thensome random guy suddenly appears out of nowhere, and starts running the halls of the school, yelling and screaming about how "someone got the red notice"
and then, you run for your life. which is also weird. coz no one's ever escaped the wrath of the "red notice" before.
which is why this is a tv show. right.

*end of imagine-friendly music*

hehe. i also watch the shows because of one actor. muahahahhahahahah.

he acted as the brooding high jumper i dont care hottie Sano Izumi in Hana Kimi and as not so brooding but hilarious rebel not so much of a hottie Uchii/Uchiyama in Gokusen (i watch this with my cousin :D ) and brooding very the hot with the extremely laid back hands in pocket Hanazawa Rui in HYD.(even though sometimes his voice in this show somehow macam very soft, macam belum pecah. heh)

bahahahahaha. to me he sort of emmits this hotness aura.
not the handsome-hot aura too. it's the way he carries himself i think.
and add the fact that he is super tall, and skinny and has endlesslimbsthatwhenhesitsonachairhelookssuperhot also adds to the hot-aura.

heh., don't blame me for being a girl!!

see? too tall for comfort!! in a good way :D
he's not allowed to walk on this earth with those long limbs. it's a felony.
kan afi kan? when we watch the show, me and afi have mixed feelings on who to side with. team rui or team tsukasa.
even though tsukasa is really such a huge ass freaking jealous jerk in the show. yep. a jerk with a huge ass.

hahahahaha. kan afi kan?!!!!!

so anyway. i'm off to continue my butt aching HYD marathon.


adios amigas! till next post.



Afi said...

we need to finish off our episode.
our few last episodes
its still here.

:) and yes i agree 100%
super long sexy legs.

Monica said...

"possessed by car number 2's evil spirit"

LOL! :P nasib baik you tak dapat just now! another chinese girl went after that girl, and she was like struggling haha. :/


That pic of them so adorable! Haha like holding hands x}



tell me about long legs. *dreams of gaspard*
BAHAH. :P Sorreh, I just had to say it.

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