Sunday, 3 May 2009

TOMOK : the million ringgit winner.

if you have been following One In A Million on 8tv, you would know that, this season,
it is the season of TOMOK : THE REBIRTH.

so basically the winner of it all. the winner of the whole million is Tomok.

Tomok from Newboyz.
Real Name : Shah Indrawan bin Ismail

Honestly, i was'nt really familiar with this boyband, Newboyz yang apparently quite famous lah wayyyyyyyyy wayyyyyyyyyyy back.
I've just heard of them lah. I don't know their songs or anything.
But I've definitely heard of this dude named Tomok lah.

So basically i've been watching since the start of the season.
I honestly think that Tomok rocks!!
hehe. he does! He does all those switching songs to his own style stuff.
damn nice lah basically.

And then, when i was watching the Grand Finals of OIAM with my mum, sister and cousin last friday, i was freaking out.
Because Tomok got the least votes at the start of the show,
so technically he should have left the show.and would not have won.

BUT. they've been running a poll on the 8tv website, asking if Malaysia would want to have 3 finalists or only 2. So thankgoodness that majority voted for 3 finalists.

Tomok, Esther, and Aweera.

So then, during the whole show, the ratings of the votes kept on changing.

and in the end, BAM!! i was literally jumping and yelling with joy (heheh) when Awal and Marion announced Tomok as the winner.

baahahhahahaa. my few votes that i sent in, berbaloi lahhhh :D :D

Anyway, based on the Grand Finals, Tomok definitely desreved the win.

So anyway, anyway, hahahahha. i found this youtube video.
i couldnt make up my mind on which song to choose so i just randomly chose one.

So this is Tomok during the Newboyz era. be prepared for a jolt of...weirdness :D :D

hahahahahha. so.....whatcha think?! hahahahaha. ok. sarah. enough.

and now, presenting The new Tomok, The new Shah Indrawan :D

wheee. hahahaha. i love the song. watch out for it on the radio, yeah!
you should look for some other version on the tube, and catch Paul Moss's comment.

Paul Moss : Lovely controlled performance. You let it go a little bit wiiillldd and the girls get excited and you pulled it back slow again. classy.

heheh. the way he said it was the bomb :D

well. congratulations and celebrations to Tomok.
chehhhh. siap appear on AIM 2009 lagi yesterday. lucky bugger eh.



Monica said...

the first video, the slow turning of the heads, lol weird! :P

Tomok's vocals not bad eh (: First time I heard him sing hahah

Shahira! said...

Omg, you excited giler.
Until sent in votes.
Tsk tsk tsk sarah sarah.

If you're able to send in votes for AI.
Just imagine how much money you'll spend on Lambert. =P

afi said...


i second that ira
true true
if la we dapat vote for AI
habis. :D

tomok :)