Tuesday, 5 May 2009

the year of Lambert.

hahahah. see how i started "close-to-home" by posting a Tomok post?
and now we travel half way across the globe to post about Adam Lambert.

and now the dramatic title/topic of this post : The Year Of Adam. OR IS IT?!

from the first time i set my eyes and ears on him during the audition time,
his name, Adam Lambert was carved into my heart.
the image of his face was impaled into my brain.
His voice was all i dream about.
his hotness is all i think about.

*the train of my thoughts come to a very noisy screeching halt*


so again. basically he rocks!!! he rocks my socks off!!
he rocks my non-existant-right-now socks off!

and after adam performed Satisfaction. whoahh. i was blown awayyy.
and i checked him out on youtube. and woohoooo. the video that i found!!

hahahaha. it's nice though, the performance. when he stuck his finger in his mouth (?) at the start, macam pelik a bit lah. and his dressing and all.
but still. it's Adam Lambert isn't it?!
hahahah. if you're not drifting the way i do, and don't get what i'm implying, please go and look at ira's blog and look for her post about Lambert, yeah.

So, anyway. every week he brings it onnnn on stage.
especially the week when he sang Black and White. THE BOMB!! his version is officially my ringtone, untill some other song comes up :D

AND of course we can never forget his rendition of Mad World by Tears for Fears/ Gary Jules.
it was seriously awesome. my mum was whoa-ed out by it as well.

i would put the youtube video of him singing it in here, but as any youtuber would know, AI doesnt allow their stuff to be on youtube. most of em have already been taken down.

so yeah the main thing is, Americans or shall i say people who can vote, ADAM BETTER WIN!! or else.
*narrows eyes evilly and ended up looking like someone with both eyeballs swollen*

like ira said, if i can vote surely my phone bill would burst through the roof!

even the tomok one pun, my mum didnt let me vote excessively that's why i only got in a couple.
oh well.
like the reply sms that they send after you vote, EVERY VOTE COUNTS.
heheheh. sure as hell it would! especially mine. wheeeeeeeeeeee.

so adam, or shall i say ADAM (the malay way) you better win ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
look at adam, macam so cool (mon, chiigehhhh (?) :D ) banding with danny.

p.s. afi, see you on thursday. bermacam nak bincang. about baldi colours and such :D

p.p.s. mon, congratulations on finishing the whole series.. heheheh. nakatsu <3


Shahira! said...

OMG hahaha the second picture of Adam looks so.. ermm. weird and innocent.
So, UN-Adam.

Afi said...

hahah i like that picture kot ira

but then maybe its because he looks so innocent kot. like so macam different kan

OversizeD SunnieZ said...

i agree with u on adam's rendition of Black n White..
it succesfully blew me away..
every performance he'd done was AMAZING!!!
i hope he wins..
*fingers crossed* ;D

Monica said...

I like that pic of Adam sitting down! *wiggles le eyebrows* Sexy. Period.

Ah, Sarah's inner poet emerging! Very romantically put, Rahrw! *winkwink* Hahaha! :D

To quote a certain someone, "seng-q, seng-q!" :D NAKATSU! *grins moronically*

Athirah Jonas said...

kris allen is gonna win!